Preowned Vs. Presale. Reasons to Purchase New!

Preowned Vs. Presale. Reasons to Purchase New!

Posted: August 22 2019

There’s always this million-dollar question you face when purchasing a home. Preowned or Presale? Old or new? Building homes today is significantly different than homes built even just 2 years ago! Standards are always changing, and new technology is always being implemented. Landmark Homes builds above and beyond todays standard, we are about to explain why. This blog will guide you, and help you understand the values of purchasing a new Landmark Home versus a preowned home in today’s housing market.


Every Landmark Home is covered with Alberta New Home Warranty, to protect you, as the purchaser. Without warranty, no inspection can guarantee nothing will go wrong in a preowned home. Warranty saves you from the what if’s and protects you, without warranty you can be out tens of thousands of dollars. Brand-new, un-lived in and unused materials and appliances have 1-year manufacturer and builder warranty on them! The biggest difference between warranty on a new home and a preowned home is that our customer service is readily available to you, with a construction team backing the warranty team. This makes a huge difference! We are completely responsible and available, providing you with certainty, peace of mind and comfort. Let’s briefly run through the warranty provided with a new home versus a preowned home.

1 Year Builder Labor & Materials

We check in at 2 months & 12 months, to make sure everything on the interior & exterior is functioning and performing the way it should! This includes anything cosmetic, that is not part of the buildings structure. Siding, cabinets, doors, faucets, nail pops and more.

2 Years for Distribution Systems

You have 2 years of coverage for distribution systems. The simplest way to explain these items are the “lungs & veins” of your home. This includes items such as your Hi -Velocity Furnace, Navien tankless water heater, and the ultra-clean air provided by your HRV system.

5 Years for the Building Envelope

This simply means anything between the interior air and the exterior air that is part of your buildings structure, imagine your homes skeleton! This includes items like plywood and your roof!

10 Year Structural

The frame and foundation of your home is completely covered for 10 years!

Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Energy Saving components are huge! This is the direction of the modern building world. Preowned homes don’t have the premium materials such as premium insulation and triple pane windows, that are now incorporated into the Alberta Building Code. Landmark Homes are built above code, providing you with several Energy Efficient features that weren’t important in the past. Every Landmark Home is certified Built Green Canada, meaning your homes performance is efficient, and your Energuide rating exceeds the standard. the result? Money in your pocket.

All components in our homes are to date, with the latest in innovative technology. Everything from our indoor building technique at ACQBuilt, to the tankless water system that only works when you need it to! (Why would you pay for a tank of hot water that sits all day? Then run out of hot water when you try dishwashing, laundry and showering at once–it seems crazy!) 

Preowned homes likely have dated dual pane windows, hot water tanks and lack smart wiring. In comparison to a new Landmark Home we provide you with ultra-efficient features and smart connected homes that work for you and with you making your days as cost saving and time saving as possible. Functionality, energy consumption, and convenience matters.

Make it your own!

Unless you plan on completely gutting your home and spending a chunk of money on renovations that always have the potential to lead to further, more costly problems as you go. You don’t get to choose the finishes you want! With a new Landmark Home we don’t limit your selections to colour boards, instead we give you the freedom to express yourself with the help of our experienced interior designers at ingeva Design Studio–you can tailor your home exactly the way you want so it functions and looks the way you want it to. 

Not only can you personalize your interior finishes, you can personalize what’s behind the walls. Your smart connected home, and make sure your home is wired for you! Add extra lights, extra plugs and be in control with what happens behind the walls! We can’t stress enough how important it is to see what’s behind your walls and between the floors. We want to build your home the way you want, we are happy to build and create your dream home with you, from scratch.

Construction Walk Throughs!

We want your buying experience to be thorough and enjoyable. We provide you with electrical walk throughs, so you know exactly where your outlets and cables are–this way you can plan exactly where you want hang the new plasma screen TV & where your place your furniture. Once the drywall goes up, we accompany you through a second walk through that involves cabinets and further finishings. Your home is your sanctuary, where you live & grow with your family. A new presale home gives you the luxury, peace of mind and security knowing exactly how your home is built.


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