What Does Sustainability Actually Mean for You and Your Family?

What Does Sustainability Actually Mean for You and Your Family?

Posted: October 01 2021

What Does Sustainability Actually Mean for You and Your Family?

Where do we start? What does sustainability actually mean for you and your family? Sustainability is used so often, without a real link to people, families, and our wellness as human beings.

A sustainable design is much more than energy efficiency and building performance. The raw materials sourced, and manufacturing process determine sustainability too. When a material is responsibly sourced and manufactured, the carbon footprint and chemicals used in the manufacturing process are lessened. An environmentally conscious built home (AKA sustainably built home) means a happier planet, and less chemical emission released into the air you and your family breathe. That’s how environmentally conscious building practices link to your wellness!

Opting to use LED fixtures, ensuring an airtight envelope, triple-pane windows or EnergyStar rated appliances can also justify a sustainable design, but there’s a WAY bigger picture.

Chemicals & VOCs

We have consciously made interior and structural material selections and that give off little to no VOC emissions. VOC’s are vapours that release toxic chemicals into the air we breathe and can negatively impact our health. For example, all of our cabinetry is finished with organic water based thinners to ensure low VOC emissions. Our carpet selections are certified safe for a healthy home & made in part with renewable plant based resources. Behind you walls, the structure of your home is made with engineered lumber that is steam pressed and bonded together with formaldehyde free adhesive.

Locally Sourced

We source local materials to lessen our carbon footprint! How building materials reach their destination matters! This commitment to local goods and services means a stronger local economy, and less greenhouse gas emissions released into our atmosphere.


Every community we build in is carefully chosen with your wellness in mind. Premium communities come with many benefits, and walkability score is one of them. A premium community offers green space, walking trails, nearby schools and more. A good walkability score allows homeowners to get outside, take in the fresh air and take advantage of community amenities car-free. This translates to living a more sustainable lifestyle through a lessened carbon footprint, more exercise, and a healthier, happier you.

Energy Efficiency

A new Landmark Home is built with the latest technology to the highest standards in new home construction today. Your financial sustainability is built into a Landmark Home through high performance fixtures and ultimate water conservation keeping your utility bills 15 to 20 percent lower than the industry’s standard.

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