Townhomes vs. Single Family: What Should You Choose?

Townhomes vs. Single Family: What Should You Choose?

Posted: September 14 2022

So, you’re thinking about building a home! You might be asking yourself, “Should we buy a townhome or aim for something bigger, like a single-family home? What are some advantages of a standalone house versus a townhome community?” 

These are valid questions and concerns! Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you can make, so it’s important to buy a home that suits your family’s needs. Of course, the biggest factor that comes into play is your budget and the phase of life that you’re in. Not everyone has the finances to choose between these two home options, or their needs align with one home over the other.

But perhaps you believe one version is better than the other. Or you are in a position where both homes are possible for you budget-wise, and you’re not sure what the best option is. Here’s the truth — both home options are great and come with many perks!

We broke down the benefits of both single-family homes and townhomes to help you make the best decision for you! 


Landmark Homes Townhomes

Lower in Cost
If you have a lower budget and/or are a first-time home buyer, townhomes are the best option. They’re lower in cost and still come with plenty of space and storage. It’s a win-win!

Good Size
Townhomes offer plenty of room for smaller families, young professionals or adults who are downsizing! Our townhomes range from 1000–1500 square feet and come with 3 bedrooms, meaning you have tons of room for everyone to enjoy their own space and feel right at home.

Future Investment Property
One of the best things about buying a townhome is its opportunity to be an investment property! Townhomes are perfect for renters, and the odds of finding income opportunities are high if you decide to expand to something bigger later in life.

Condo Fees
Most townhomes come with condo fees — and that comes with many perks! For the families who are on the go, or those who need assistance, condo fees cover your basic landscape maintenance to keep your home looking beautiful and save you some time. In addition, as your house ages, condo fees cover the replacement of bigger items in your home, such as your roof. Lastly, your property insurance is included in your condo fees. However, if you’d prefer to avoid the condo fees, there are many townhome complexes that come without them!

Single-family Homes

Landmark Homes Single Family Homes

If you’re worried about sharing a wall with your neighbours, you might prefer a standalone home! Even though townhomes prevent as much sound transfer as possible, single-family homes provide the luxury of knowing you’ll hear nobody next door (and they won’t hear you!)

More Square Footage
Need more room for your family or planning ahead? Single-family homes offer more square footage, so if space is a necessity for your family, this type of home might be for you!

Bigger Backyard
Speaking of more square footage, you’ll have a bigger backyard! This is perfect for families with lots of kids or those with larger animals who need a good amount of space to run around.

Legal Basement Suite
Thinking about developing the basement for family or perhaps for extra income? Some of our single-family home models have the option for a legal basement suite, so you can invest in your home and increase its value.

We hope we’ve helped you get one step closer in your home-buying journey. Check out our available single-family homes and townhomes to browse what floor plan suits you.

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