Hi-Velocity System

When shopping for a home, you will notice Landmark Homes have circular air vents instead of the traditional rectangular vents. That’s because we use a Hi Velocity System! The hi velocity system works in conjunction with the heat recovery ventilator and humidifier. These three essential systems that act as the lungs of your home, continuously circulating fresh air into your home, improving ventilation, and maintaining humidity levels ensuring optimum indoor air quality all day and night.

When the HRV draws fresh air into your home from outside, it’s fed to the hi velocity system which filters and dehumidifies (or humidifies) the air eliminating unwanted moisture, pollution, dust and allergens, ultimately promoting good respiratory health for you and your family.

As the air passes through the hi velocity filter and humidifier, it’s pressurized through tiny ducts and distributed to every room in the house. The pressurization eliminates a build-up of dust and debris that is commonly found in conventional forced air systems. Additionally, a constant fan in the Hi-Velocity System ensures steady air circulation and even temperature throughout your home, 24/7 promoting good cardiovascular health!

To sum it up, the lungs in a Landmark Home offer both long, and short-term health benefits for you and your family all while saving you money with its energy efficiency!

3 Stage Medical Grade Indoor Air Filter

This complex 3-stage filter is integrated into the hi-velocity air system, which is already a standard in every Landmark Home. As indoor air circulates through the system, impurities are filtered out and eliminated in 3 unique stages using advanced technologies. This 3-stage process ensures your family is breathing the healthiest indoor air possible, while simultaneously consuming less energy than a traditional furnace.

Stage 1

Electrostatic MERV-13 filter removes microscopic allergens & particulates from the air. Symptoms of allergy, asthma, emphysema, hay fever and chronic bronchitis are alleviated by removing the primary causes, including: pollen, mold, fungal spores, dust mites, cockroach dust, tobacco smoke and bacteria to name a few.

Stage 2

Photo-catalyic oxidization destroys dangerous VOCs such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, fumes and odours emitted from paint solvents, car exhausts, pesticides, cleaning fluids, chemicals and alcohol. VOCs can be highly toxic and exposure can cause acute and chronic ill health.

Stage 3

Ultraviolet light kills disease germs on contact. This germicidal ultraviolet light is 10,000 times the intensity of sunlight and kills viruses & bacteria too small to be filtered out by HEPA filters. HEPA filters are commonly found in household air purifiers, such as Dyson products.

Your living environment has a direct impact on you, and your family’s health. Our homes ensure healthier indoor air, so you can breathe easy.

*3-stage Hi-Velocity air filter included in all new duplex & single-family Landmark Homes. February 1st, 2021. *Landmark Homes has the right to discontinue or cancel this product at any time, without notice