House of Hope

We’re building hope for our community, friends, and family.  

Years ago, the President of Landmark Homes, Reza Nasseri, wanted to give back to the community and make an impactful, lasting change. He looked to the University Hospital to help strengthen Alberta’s healthcare resources; a contribution that would improve the lives of many. This philanthropic gesture led to the House of Hope, an annual donation that is made possible by the spirit of community of many businesses and individuals.  

The House of Hope is a beautiful single-family home built by Landmark Homes with the help of trade and supply partners. Collectively, we donate all building supplies, delivering a stunning home to the Edmonton housing market. Once the home sells, all proceeds are donated to the University Hospital Foundation. 

The House of Hope has been a success for decades, giving back to the community has become essential in our business practice. 

Since 1993, Landmark has donated over $5.2 million to the University Hospital Foundation and approximately $830,000 of that amount was raised in partnership with our trades and suppliers. These funds have been used for equipment, research, and patient care at the University Hospital–with stroke, cancer, cardiac nuclear medicine, and critical care services benefiting to date. 

In 2018, we had the opportunity to fund the first air stroke ambulance in North America. In 2019, we enabled the first Osseointegration treatment in North America, a treatment that had only been available in Europe & Australia until then. 

The 2021 House of Hope donation went towards patients living with end-stage kidney disease.  

The proceeds will allow patients the reality to make the transition out of a hospital, support research and advance efforts to make screening for kidney disease faster and more accurate.