Laminated Strand Lumber 

A Stronger, Healthier Home

Engineered lumber doesn’t bend, warp or buckle & is significantly stronger than conventional lumber. This allows us to build stronger homes, with straight walls & negligible drywall nail pops, while simultaneously saving our forests that are essential to the ecosystem! 

Laminated Stand Lumber
Benefits of LSL

Benefits of LSL

LSL is more fire retardant, weather resistant, and manufactured into uniform shapes leaving no defects such as warping, bending and buckling that are commonly found in traditional lumber. LSL is bonded together through pressure and waterproof adhesives, resulting in a material that leaves no part of the tree to waste, it is a far less toxic alternative in comparison to other engineered lumbers. 

Environmentally Friendly

This material makes a Landmark Home significantly stronger than traditional homes built with dimensional lumber, and it’s sustainable! LSL saves the large trees from being cut down and produces abundant renewable energy and captures carbon output. The regrowth of wild bush farms creates a healthy cycle of energy and material that renews itself and provides clean air by drawing carbon out of our atmosphere systematically. Pretty awesome, right? 
Sustainable LSL
*Use of engineered lumber has been limited due to the global supply chain until further notice.