We Build Your Home Off-Site

Innovative Building Systems

We build your home off-site at ACQBuilt, with premium engineered lumber through an innovative building process using state-of-the-art technology & robotic machines! This unique construction practice ensures your home is built in a clean, controlled environment. There is simply no room for error, this centralized framing facility allows for meticulous accuracy & precision, every time. 

Precision Built

Construction indoors ensures precision down to the millimeter–every nail hits the stud where it is supposed to, and measurements are always exact. Offsite construction eliminates nail pops and movement in your home once the structure settles into the ground. Plus, engineered lumber doesn’t warp, bend or so you can rest easy knowing your home is an investment that will last and perform for generations! 

Precision Built Technology
Airtight Homes


Precision building means no air leakage! Air leaks are typically found between floor joists, HVAC gaps, appliance vents, basements and attics. Precision building reduces these common issues found in new construction.  With our premium building techniques and super-insulated exterior walls, you don’t lose energy heating or cooling your home! If your home leaks, your wallet leaks too! An airtight home saves you money on the fly. 

State-of-the-Art Robotics

Since we build with state-of-the-art robotics, this ensures your home is airtight with clean 90º cuts. When your windows are installed indoors, they’re properly secured and insulated–improving airtightness and reducing potential drafts that are common when installed on-site with adverse weather conditions. Even our duct work is cut out and preplanned indoors, ensuring proper ventilation locations and sufficient air exchange throughout your home! 

State-of-the-Art Robotics
Moisture Free Buildings

Moisture Free

Last one! This superior construction method is incomparable to any traditionally constructed home on the market today. When we build inside a moisture free environment, your home's building materials never get exposed to natural elements, minimizing the chances of mold and bacterial growth. Building your home indoors adds considerable health benefits for you and your family–air is healthier in a Landmark Home. 
*Use of engineered lumber has been limited due to the global supply chain until further notice.