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Landmark Homes

We’re Here to Support You—Even 10 Years Later

You’ve taken the exciting step of moving into your new home—congratulations! You might be wondering what happens next. We’re proud to offer our homeowners a comprehensive warranty package that gives peace of mind; just in case something about the home is not performing as expected. With 41 years of experience behind us, we strive to offer you excellent customer service throughout your home buying, building, and living experience.

Landmark Homes Warranty

We are proud to offer coverage from the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.* If defects are found in labour and materials (e.g. baseboards, flooring, fixtures), they are covered for one year. Distribution systems, such as heating, electrical and plumbing, are covered for two years. The building envelope, or the system of components that separate the controlled interior air from the exterior, (e.g. roof and exterior walls) are covered for five or seven years based on the home type. Structural aspects, like frame and foundation, are covered for ten years.

What's Covered? Attached Garage, Detached Garage & Duplex Townhomes* & Condos
Labour and Materials 1 year 1 year
Distribution Systems 2 year 2 year
Building Envelope 7 year 5 year
Structural 10 years 10 years

* Kirkness Townhomes and Laurel Landing Townhomes are covered under Travelers Canada.

Have a Warranty Issue?

If you have an emergency such as a fire or gas leak please contact 911 directly.
Attached Garage, Detached Garage, Duplex & Townhomes
Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm: 780-702-8275
After Hours: 780-702-3809

For Condos
Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm: 780-702-8272