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We build your home inside.

Yes, you read that right. We build your home inside a climate-controlled facilityin Edmonton called ACQBUILT—theonly one of its kind in North America! We build the walls and roof using state-of-the-artequipment which builds to 1mm precision. We even install the windows, which givesmuch greater accuracy and tightness than windows installed on site. Once the wallsand roof are built at ACQBUILT,they are brought out to site and assembled using a crane. Your home is at the lockupstage within a few days—much quicker than with traditional on-site building, whichcan take weeks to reach the lockup stage and leaves your home exposed to the elementslonger. Our innovative process with ACQBUILT keeps your home protected from the elements, plus the 1mm-precisionprocess creates a tighter, more energy-efficient home—meaning lower utility billsand more comfortable living.

How We Build

HoW We Build
Your home is first modelled in 3D to ensure all of its components are preciselyaligned.
HoW We Build
Engineered lumber is cut and ready for assembly into your home.
HoW We Build
Walls and floors are built using computer controlled machines that cut and nailto 1mm precision.
HoW We Build
Windows are then installed with precision and accuracy into the wall systems.
HoW We Build
Roofs are constructed indoors and away from the elements.
HoW We Build
Your home’s components are loaded up and transported to your lot.
HoW We Build
In just a few days, the walls, floors and roof are assembled on site using a crane.
HoW We Build
Your home is now ready for finishing!
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