Advantages of Landmark Homes

Every element in a Landmark Home is ultimately designed to offer you & your family a luxurious lifestyle through energy efficiency, low energy bills & healthy indoor air quality to maximize everyday living.

We build your home indoors, with automatic robotic machinery at ACQBuilt! A state-of-the-art, climate-controlled home construction facility in Edmonton & the only one of its kind in North America! This innovative construction method ensures your home is built to the highest standards in residential construction.

Engineered Lumber

We are the only builder in North America using Engineered Lumber predominantly as a standard! This lumber doesn’t bend, warp or buckle & is significantly stronger than conventional lumber. This allows us to build stronger homes, with straight walls & negligible drywall nail pops, while simultaneously saving our forests that are essential to the ecosystem!*

Precision Built

We build down to the millimetre with state-of-the-art robotics! Precision built means all the components in your home are cut and nailed to 1mm precision. The result? An airtight home, with reduced drafts, air leakage & more energy efficient.

Moisture Free Building

Building indoors, then assembling your home on-site in less than 2 days reduces exposure to rain or snow by up to 80%! This significantly reduces the chance of mold & bacterial growth behind the walls! Moisture free building adds considerable health benefits for you & your family.*

Hi-Velocity Heating System

We use a Hi-Velocity Heating System instead of a conventional furnace! Air moves 3X faster, ensuring the temperature in your home is more even throughout! This system is very energy efficient & provides healthier indoor air quality by eliminating unwanted dust, debris & allergens.

Hi-Velocity Heating System

Our indoor air purification system is a 3-stage system that purifies & detoxifies your indoor air to protect your family from viruses, bacteria, allergens, VOCs and more.** This complex 3-stage filter is integrated into the hi-velocity air system, ensuring your family is breathing the healthiest indoor air possible while simultaneously consuming less energy than a traditional furnace.

Tankless Hot Water

Never run out of hot water again & save money every minute hot water is not in use!

We are colour board free! Enjoy your one-on-one appointment at Ingeva Design Studio to customize your home with our professional Interior Designers! Compare & select all your interior finishings under one roof, the sky is the limit!

Ingeva Design Studioim

We choose interior finishes with low VOC’s, minimizing chemical emissions released into your home.

Energy Star

ENERGY STAR® appliances use less energy and water, without compromise! Saving you money, daily. *

*Use of engineered lumber has been limited due to the global supply chain until further notice. 
**3-stage Hi-Velocity air filter included in all new single-family Landmark Homes. February 1st, 2021
**Landmark Homes has the right to discontinue or cancel this product at any time, without notice