6 Reasons You Should Buy A Townhome

6 Reasons You Should Buy A Townhome

Posted: September 19 2019

If you’re an individual looking at new homes, you will be faced with the question­–townhome or single-family home? In this blog we will go over all the pros of purchasing a townhome, as a successful builder in the industry for over 42 years, we continue to build beautiful townhomes that are comparable to a single-family home, just serve you differently. Townhome living is a lifestyle.

1.    Location
Our townhomes are built in desirable neighbourhoods, somewhere quiet enough to enjoy privacy, yet close to amenities and freeways. Location is everything, we build near schools & transit, hospitals & shopping. These amenities will serve you now, renters later, or home purchasers later if and when you decide to sell or rent.

2.    The Layout
Townhomes get straight to the point; our floor-plans are all about functionality. No wasted space and packed with everything that matters. Kitchens being the centre piece, sizable bedrooms upstairs, flex spaces with windows in the basement so you can develop a sunny home office, a 4thbedroom, kid play space, TV room, exercise room, (the list goes on…) all separate from the main floor. Stacking laundry for practicality, double master bedrooms options for the roommates. Dining rooms, and large living rooms complimented with windows that allow light in to create openness, so you can enjoy views that are completely comparable to a single-family home. There are several customizable options that you can choose in a Landmark Townhome, so you can select exactly what works for you.

3.    Maintenance Free
Shovelled and landscaped! Again, this is a lifestyle choice. Everything exterior is completely taken care of! A yard for your own private use, and a balcony that’s completely yours too. Similar to a single-family home, just not as much work or responsibility. No need to buy gardening tools, fertilizer, a lawn mower or a shovel. Plus, this is a renting or selling feature that not only serves you, but it’s very attractive for renters or the next owners in the long run. That takes us to reason number 4. Keep reading!

4.    Rentable
Townhomes are very rentable, so when you decide it’s time to move on to a bigger home, our quality of workmanship and finishing’s ensure your home will last and be in great rentable conditions when the if and when the time comes. Your Landmark Home is an investment.

5.    Safety & Security
You’re part of a community! Typically, with people who want to capture the same lifestyle you’re after. The safety aspect is huge for starter families, or singles. You’re less transient susceptible, and your neighbours are more likely l to look out for you, opposed to single family where you’re a little more secluded. Our townhomes are built in reputable areas in the city. Plus, each townhome has an attached drive under garage. Driving into your pretty well- maintained development, getting in and out without having to go outside is a luxury in itself.

6.    Affordability
Townhomes aren’t a huge sacrifice monetarily speaking, most people in the city pay higher rent on an apartment condo than your monthly mortgage payment would be on a Landmark townhome. Seriously!


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