Your September Home Maintenance Guide

Your September Home Maintenance Guide

Posted: September 08 2021

Your September Home Maintenance Checklist!

Your official September home to-do list, we recommend getting these household chores checked off, so your home is prepped and performing in tiptop shape before the cool weather hits!

Check for Air Leakage

Air leakage is unlikely in a Landmark Home! However, it’s always important to ensure your home is not leaking, (whether it’s a Landmark Home or not). Once the weather cools down in the evening, run your hands over the perimeter of doors and windows to check for any potential drafts! Ensure weatherstripping and caulking is tightly sealed so your home runs efficiently all winter long! We recommend hiring a professional to replace weatherstripping and window seals to prevent unwanted air leakage.

Clean Furnace & Humidifier Filters

As seasons change, it’s time to inspect your filters and replace if needed! Refer to the manufacture’s manual to ensure proper replacement and/or cleaning techniques! Clean filters are key to premium indoor air quality, especially after a humid Summer! Additionally, adjust your humidifier to the appropriate setting to accommodate for the new season.

Exterior Hose Lines

As the temperature cools down in the evenings be sure you turn the shut off valves and drain any remaining water sitting in the exterior lines. Freezing water can be a costly repair if the water expands and your pipes burst.

Soil Settlement

Walk around the exterior perimeter of your home and fill in settled areas with compacted clay. Single Family Homeowners are responsible for maintaining drainage systems/strategies that move water away from their homes.1

Check & Test Smoke Detectors

Time for a seasonal reset! Make sure all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operating correctly for you and your family’s safety. Check out the manufacturer’s manual for battery replacement instructions and proper testing protocol!

Range Hood Filters

Give your kitchen range a deep clean or replace the filter entirely! Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions accordingly or hire an expert! Your range hood filter helps improve indoor air quality, especially when your windows are closed over our cold Alberta winters!

Clear Gutters & Downspouts

Check for debris and blockages in your exterior gutters and downspouts while it’s still warm outside! This is chore is key for when Spring hits next year! Clear spouts ensure all the melting snow has an uninterrupted passage to travel away from your home.


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