Why Live in Alberta?

Why Live in Alberta?

Posted: July 28 2022

When you think of Alberta, your mind may go straight towards prairie landscapes and a cowboy lifestyle. And, let’s be honest, that is Alberta — but there’s also so much more the province has to offer! If you’re considering planting roots here or wondering if you should stay, we compiled a list of the benefits of living in Alberta and letting your life grow here. 

Alberta Lower Cost Living

Lower Cost of Living

Here, you can feel confident knowing you’re living in one of the most affordable western provinces!   

Alberta has a low cost of living, which creates affordable real estate. According to Wowa, as of July 2022, the average selling price of a home in Edmonton is $405,776 and $517,059 in Calgary. To compare, Vancouver currently stands at $1.2 million, and Ontario cities range from $800K–$1.1 million. That’s a whole lot of savings. 

Cheaper Taxes

Unlike extra PST in provinces like British Columbia and Ontario, Alberta’s GST tax is only 5% — meaning you don't have to deal with high extra costs in your purchases.

Edmonton Living

Better Paying Jobs / Minimum Wage

Alberta has a higher minimum wage, standing at $15 an hour. And, jobs in Alberta often offer a better pay rate, leading to an average median household income of $72,500 in Alberta, which is $5,900 more than Ontario, $6,800 more than British Columbia and $16,100 more than New Brunswick!


When it comes to education, Alberta has a variety of options for students that allow them to excel — from Catholic schools, French immersion schools, public and private schools and more! Alberta is also home to many post-secondary institutions that offer a variety of programs, one being the University of Alberta, which is ranked #4 nationally. 

According to Future Learn, Alberta students are ranked the highest across the country, and the province is known to have one of the best public education systems in the world!  

You can feel confident knowing your kids are getting the best education possible. 

Alberta National Parks & Destinations

National Parks and Unique Destinations

Of course, we wouldn’t miss including the beautiful landscapes on this list! Alberta’s tourism is high due to the breathtaking national parks and the Rocky Mountains. It’s also home to one of the most photographed lakes in the world — Moraine Lake! 

Of course, if you’ve done your time visiting Jasper and Banff National Park or touring the Icefield Parkway, there’s so much more you can explore! From heading south to Waterton Lakes National Park to exploring the history in Drumheller, there are so many places to visit! You and your family will never get tired of seeing these destinations.

Sunniest Province

It’s no secret that Alberta is one of the coldest provinces, but we make up for the cold weather in the amount of sunshine!   

Calgary has an average of 333 sunny days a year, while Edmonton stands at 325. That’s a whole lot of sun for everyone.  

And there’s so much more we can talk about! Alberta is a great place for opportunity for you and your family. All that awaits is you! Check out the homes we build in Calgary

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