Green is the New Luxury.

Green is the New Luxury.

Posted: September 29 2020

It's Not a Trend, It's the Future

Your home works all day & night, to make you comfortable. A Landmark Home will make you comfortable, without overworking or wasting energy. Every element in a Landmark Home is designed for energy efficiency, sustainability, and ultimately a luxurious lifestyle for our homeowners. A green, energy efficient home means low utility bills, a lessened carbon footprint & healthier indoor air to maximize your everyday living.

MOISTURE CONTROL | Mold, Mildew & Bacteria Free

Our homes are healthier–live better & breathe cleaner indoor air in a Landmark Home. We build indoors with a combination of engineered lumber, to achieve a moisture free structure. Moisture promotes unwanted mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Additionally, engineered lumber is treated to inhibit bacterial growth, safe moisture levels ensure conditions where these unhealthy bacteria can grow & spread are significantly reduced.

Air Tight | Better Ventilation & Draft Free

Our homes are airtight, because they are precision built. This means your home is better ventilated through the HRV, and free of drafts. This quality offers safer indoor air, free of unwanted airborne pollutants, and uneven temperatures.

NON TOXIC | Formaldehyde Free

Behind your walls, the structure of your home is made with a combination of engineered lumber that is steam pressed and bonded together with formaldehyde free adhesive.

CIRCULATION & CLIMATE | Indoor Air Circulates 24/7

The air in your home never stops moving! We use a high efficiency furnace that ensures consistent air circulation and even temperature throughout your home, 24/7. Even temperatures, low humidity & constant air circulation helps to promote good cardiovascular health & premium indoor air quality.


This unit acts as the lungs of your home, improving ventilation and bringing continuous fresh air inside. It allows for stale moisture filled air to be removed from your home, and crisp fresh air to be brought in. This system works together with the energy efficient furnace  by transferring heat from the air leaving your home to the fresh air coming in. Clean moisture free air is easier to heat and cool, thus making your furnace not have to work as hard, using less energy–saving you money!

WATER CONSERVING | Stylish & Efficient Plumbing

All our Brownstones have water conserving plumbing fixtures, these fixtures not only lessen your carbon footprint–but lower your utility bills too!

TRIPLE PANE WINDOWS | An Extra Layer of Protection

Triple glazed low-E argon, gas filled windows protect your home, and actually have an invisible coating that reflects sunrays. This is like sunblock for your home during Summer, and works to keep heat indoors during colder months.

LED FIXTURES | Savings & Efficiency

Use less energy without sacrificing beauty–rest assured knowing your lighting is energy efficient & lessening your carbon footprint on the daily!


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