Why You Should Live in Calgary

Why You Should Live in Calgary

Posted: January 19 2023

Edmonton is more than just a well-sized city. It’s the capital of Alberta, and home to the beautiful North Saskatchewan River, the Edmonton Oilers, plenty of indoor attractions, festivals and more. But what is it really like living here? Is it affordable, or a good place to raise a family? According to MoveHub, it’s one of the best places to live in Canada!

The Canadian Rockies moments away, the gorgeous prairie landscapes and the largest city in Alberta — Calgary’s got everything you need. It’s also known as a city that loves to celebrate. Home to the famous Calgary Stampede and bustling nightlife, it’s a great place for young professionals and families alike. In Fact, MoveHub has ranked Calgary second for cities in Canada.

MoveHub has rated Calgary high in almost every category, recognizing the city's transit system, property affordability and cleanliness. 

Source: MoveHub.com

Here are some key points to know about living in Calgary:

Low Home Prices

In comparison to bigger cities, like Vancouver and Toronto, Calgary’s home prices are affordable with more for your price. For example, our luxurious townhome model Amara I (1920 sq. ft., 3 bed, 2.5 bath) costs $690,000*, and a similar home in Toronto would have the starting price of around $1 million dollars.

Low Taxes

It’s no secret that Alberta has low taxes, but you don’t realize how much you save until you’re living in it yourself! With only 5% GST tax and no PST tax, you can better budget and save money on your purchases.

Urban, With a Bit of Country 

Calgary is perfect for those who love the city but also don’t mind embracing their rural side. No matter who you are, the Calgary Stampede is a grand event everyone can enjoy. In fact, this 10-day event is such a big deal that the whole city usually gets involved! Get your cowboy hat ready. 

City lovers will adore the unique shopping areas downtown and the many restaurants, pubs and kid-friendly adventures (Like the Calgary Zoo!) that come along with it. Plus, for pet owners, Calgary has plenty of dog-friendly patios to enjoy in the summer!

Education System

Alberta students are ranked the highest across the country. Here, you can feel confident knowing your child is getting a great education with many post-secondary options for them as they age.

Rocky Mountains as Your Neighbour

The stunning Canadian Rockies are only 1 hour away from Calgary (or 45 minutes if you live on the NW side, where our Artis in Greenwich luxury townhomes reside). A weekend getaway to the mountains is the perfect way to refresh and relax, and there is so much to explore that you’ll never get bored. Trust us — visiting the mountains never gets old.

Cold Winters, Beautiful Summers

There’s no denying it — Alberta gets cold in the winter time. And some love the cold weather! But what gets most of us through those less-than-ideal winter days is the gorgeous summers we have here. Calgary summers can get to 30+ degrees, and have plenty of areas to explore in the sunshine! 

Calgary is loved by many and is a great place to live. You’re surrounded by Alberta landscapes, and you can find a home that best suits you. With your extra savings living in this province, you can adjust to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and successfully plan for your future.

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*Price listed is for Unit 310 in Artis in Greenwich.

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