Our Innovative Build Process in 7 Simple Steps!

Our Innovative Build Process in 7 Simple Steps!

Posted: July 22 2021

How We Build a Better Home in 7 Simple Steps!

At Landmark Homes, we understand that a home must do more than just look good—it must perform well and take care of your family every day. Our homes are full of exclusive features that increase build strength, precision, efficiency, and durability to ensure you’re living your best life 365 days of the year.

We build your home indoors at a state-of-the-art facility called ACQbuilt—the only one of its kind in North America! This unparalleled seven step build process is superior in comparison to traditional construction in so many ways. Our homeowners reap endless benefits, including healthier indoor air quality, comfort and financial security.

We build the walls and roof using state of the art equipment which builds to 1mm precision. We even install the windows indoors, which gives much greater accuracy and tightness than windows installed on site.

Once the walls and roof systems are built at ACQBuilt, they are brought out to site and assembled using a crane. Now this is a show to watch! Your home is at the lockup stage within a few days, sparing the structure of your home from precipitation (which causes rot, mold, and mildew later). This is remarkable timing compared to traditional on-site building.

Our innovative process with keeps your home protected from the elements, plus the 1mm precision process creates a tighter, more energy efficient home—meaning healthier air, lower utility bills and more comfortable living.

The Build Process in 7 Simple Steps..

1. Your home is first modelled in 3D to ensure all of its components are precisely aligned.

2. Lumber is cut and ready for assembly into your home.

3. Walls and floors are built using computer-controlled machines which cut and nail to 1mm precision.

4. Windows are then installed with precision and accuracy into the wall systems.

5. Roofs are constructed indoors and away from the elements.

6. Your home’s components are loaded up and ready for their trip to your lot.

7. The walls, floors and roof are assembled on site using a crane in just a few days!

Voila! That’s it! A better home in a fraction of the amount of time.

Your home is now ready for finishing!


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