What Makes the Core of Our Townhomes Superior?

What Makes the Core of Our Townhomes Superior?

Posted: May 05 2021

What makes a Landmark Home a better investment?

It’s simple! We build your home indoors at ACQBuilt, with premium engineered lumber through an innovative building process using state-of-the-art technology & robotic machines. The custom blueprint of your home is converted into a 3D plan that the machinery reads, and then gets to work! This construction process eliminates all outside elements and produces a product that helps reduce long term issues in the future. There is simply no room for error, this centralized framing facility allows for meticulous accuracy & precision, every time.

Unparalleled Fit + Finish

The ACQBuilt robotic machines don’t get tired, sick or leave early on Friday. Manufacturing is perfect, every time. Construction indoors ensures precision down to the millimeter–every nail hits the stud where it is supposed to, and measurements are always exact. This type of production eliminates nail pops and movement in your home once the structure settles into the ground. You don’t build cars outside, exposed to the elements and susceptible to mistakes–why would we build your home any different?

Laminated Strand Lumber

We are the only builder in North America using Engineered Lumber predominantly as a standard! This lumber doesn’t bend, warp or buckle & is significantly stronger than conventional lumber. This allows us to build stronger homes, with straight walls & negligible drywall nail pops, while simultaneously saving our forests that are essential to the ecosystem!

Longevity, Durability + Strength

Our homes are built to last generations. When we use materials like engineered lumber that is 200 percent stronger than conventional lumber and install windows indoors in a clean, dry environment, you can rest assured knowing your home is an investment that will last and perform for generations. A house is most likely the most important purchase you’ll ever make and we want to give you the confidence and peace of mind knowing it’s an investment you will not regret.

Moisture Free Construction

This superior construction method is incomparable to any traditionally constructed home on the market today. We have surpassed any delays due to bad weather, and we can build a wide range of customized floor plans, including customizable exteriors in less than half the time conventional stick-building takes. When we build inside a moisture free environment, your home's building materials never get exposed to natural elements, minimizing the chances of mold and bacterial growth. Building your home indoors adds considerable health benefits for you and your family–air is healthier in a Landmark Home.

*Use of engineered lumber has been limited due to the global supply chain until further notice.

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