Seasonal DIY Tips to Save Energy This Winter

Seasonal DIY Tips to Save Energy This Winter

Posted: December 13 2019

Energy Savings 101

Winter is officially here to stay. We figure it's a good time to go over simple DIY tips to help control your energy usage during the colder months. See what a difference small changes can make, to help you save money this season.

Replace Your Furnace Filter
Furnaces run more efficiently with clean air filters, it also improves the air quality of your home. Alberta summers can be very dusty, so remember to change the filter when the temperatures begin to drop. 

Clean Your HRV Filter
Just like furnaces, HRV units need a clean filter to run at optimal efficiency. Check your operation manual for specific instructions. Clean your filter as directed, and don’t let any of your homes valuable heat go to waste!

Use Solar Gains (It's free!)
The sun heats our buildings every day. Take advantage of the sunlight by opening curtains and window coverings on your South facing windows during the day, and close them in the evening to reduce heat losses.

Program Your Thermostat
Remember to schedule your thermostat to a lower temperature when you are asleep and out of the house. What is your personal thermal comfort temperature? Everyone is different. Try reducing your thermostat by one degree, you may not even notice the difference.

Check Your Heat Vents & Registers
Make sure furniture has not been moved to cover vents, any obstruction blocks heat and wastes energy.

Window & Door Leaks
Run your hand along windows and doors to check for air leaks! Seal leaks around doors and windows are common. You can install weather stripping, caulking, or door socks to aid this common household problem. 

Electrical Outlets
Check your outlets on exterior walls for air leaks. Rubber gaskets can be installed to block cold air through outlets. If you feel a draft, this means heat can escape!

Add an Area Rug
Covering your floor can help retain heat, plus it's a cozy touch in the winter.

Your Deep Freezer
What you didn't know about your freezer–it consumes a lot more energy when it's empty. It's an easy time of year to stock the deep freeze, your future self will thank you on the next power bill.

Energy Efficiency is becoming more recognized each day, consuming less energy is a global responsibility that we all have to work towards! Plus, who wants costly utility bills?

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