Where's Better to Live: Edmonton or Calgary?

Where's Better to Live: Edmonton or Calgary?

Posted: November 04 2022

Alberta has the privilege of having two incredible cities, Edmonton and Calgary, that offer unique living experiences. Although you may think these cities are alike, both have their own personalities and lifestyles that differ from each other. So, which city is better: Edmonton versus Calgary? If you’re relocating to Alberta and unsure which city is right for you, we created a handy guide for you to get to know the incentives of each beautiful city!  

Let’s break each one down: 


Cheaper Houses
Although Edmonton is the capital, it’s smaller in population in comparison to Calgary, which means the housing market is lower in cost! As of September 2022, the average house price is around $375,000 in Edmonton and $499,000 in Calgary. Edmonton is growing quickly, so lots of new housing is expected to come.

River Valley 
Edmonton isn’t exactly close to the Rocky Mountains, but it has a beautiful urban park system to explore during any season! In fact, it’s the largest urban park in North America! The River Valley is home to the North Saskatchewan River, and there are over 20 major parks and 160KM worth of trails to explore. Spend your day's biking or walking the many trails and endless parks within and outside the River Valley.

Festival City 
Edmonton is known for its many festivals and its lively theatre scene! There are plenty of fun, family activities to do and explore all year long. Sit and enjoy folk music in an open amphitheatre at Folk Fest, See the city's talented artists at the International Fringe Festival, and bundle up to see incredible ice-carving sculptures on Ice on Whyte. Anything you can imagine, it likely has a festival.  

Great Food 
Edmonton has a reputation for being home to some amazing restaurants and having a variety of delicious food options in the city! There are many local gems to check out and experience. Taste of Edmonton food festival gives you a highlight of some of Edmonton's best-kept secrets yearly and expands your culinary palette.


Bigger City
Calgary is larger in size and has more of an established downtown, with many cool streets and shopping experiences to enjoy, such as Stephen Ave and Inglewood! As a large city hub, you may have more job opportunities here, depending on your industry. There are lots to enjoy, and the city has better nightlife for the night owls out there.

Closer to Rocky Mountains
The city is only 45 minutes to 1 hour away from the Rocky Mountains, and there are tons of different areas to explore! No matter the season, your weekends can involve a quick trip exploring Bragg Creek, Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff and more! Perfect for outdoor lovers. 

Bow River
Calgary may not have as much of an expansive urban park as Edmonton, but the Bow River offers just as much beauty and opportunity! In the summer, many people kayak or fish, or you can take a rafting tour.

With the nickname “Cowtown,” Calgary truly does celebrate its wild west culture — and it’s one of a kind! The Calgary Stampede, an annual rodeo and exhibition, is recognized internationally and is a staple in the city. They get visitors from all around the world, and the whole city embraces the culture!

Of course, both cities have a lot of similarities, such as good transportation systems, higher paying jobs, a low cost of living and the highly-reviewed Alberta education system, which means there are many benefits in moving to Alberta! If you're moving from another province and are unsure which place is for you, Edmonton and Calgary are beautiful cities that provide a great quality of life — regardless of where you decide to settle down!  

If Edmonton is calling your name, read our article to learn which Edmonton neighbourhood is right for you.

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