How To Pick the Right Floor Plan

How To Pick the Right Floor Plan

Posted: November 30 2022

If you’re reading this, we assume you have your eye on a home builder and maybe even checked out a few show homes. You have some idea of what your needs are for your new home. But as you look at the models, you see floor plan after floor plan after floor plan...the list is endless!  

But not to worry — in our opinion, picking a floor plan is one of the best parts of the home-building process! There are plenty of questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re picking the right floor plan for you and building the homes of your dreams.

1. How Many Bedrooms & Bathrooms Do I Need?

When looking at the floor plan, identify the most important needs in your new home. Every home has a living room and kitchen, so focus on the bedrooms and bathrooms. Are you over sharing the same bathroom sink with everyone? Are you thinking of expanding your family? Do you need a spare bedroom for when relatives are in town? Answer all these questions and identify the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need.

2. What's My Ideal Square Footage?

Next, you can begin to look at square footage! How much space does your family need? Does your current square footage not work? Do you host often? Some homebuyers need more space to suit their needs, while others may not require as much space! If you’re unsure, we recommend checking out different-sized show homes, so you get a feel of what works and what doesn’t! 

3. What's My Budget?

It may seem obvious, but select a floor plan within your budget! Floor plans are meant to make the most out of the space provided, but our Area Managers work with you to find the best option for you. It helps to come up with your needs versus wants list, so you can make the best selection and know what is important. 

4. What's My Life in 5–10 Years?

Buying a home is a big investment, and you (hopefully) plan to live in it for a while. Consider your future when selecting a floor plan. We're not psychic, but we have a good idea of our goals. Are you planning to grow your family? Will parents be moving in at some point? Do you want to have a legal basement suite? Consider the bigger questions to match your floor plan with your lifestyle.

5. What Functional Spaces Do I Need?

From mud rooms to flex rooms — don't overlook the functional spaces! Is a big pantry necessary for space? Will having a mudroom reduce the clutter and mess from outdoors? Where is the laundry room? Does an L-Shaped kitchen work better for me? These may seem small, but these little details make a huge impact! (Psst — At Landmark Homes, many of our floor plans come with the laundry on the main or second floor for convenience!)

6. Do I Want an Open-to-Below or Closed Concept Home?

What’s the difference between these two? Exactly as they sound! Open-to-below is a open concept home floor plan. It boasts tall ceilings and more room for natural light. When you’re upstairs near the railings, you can look down into the living room. Closed concept has more walls — you won’t be able to see the downstairs from the second floor, and your house is more sectioned off.  

There are benefits to both open-to-below and closed concept floor plans! One thing to consider is the amount of family members. If you have a larger family, an open-to-below concept might make you feel you have more space in the home. But, if your family is smaller, the wide open might feel a little daunting. Do any of your family members need special accessibility? Then an open-concept might offer more space. Do you have loud kids and work from home? Then a closed-concept might be better suited for you, where you can block off sound more!

7. Will I Benefit from a Bonus Room?

Who doesn’t like a bonus? When it comes to bonus rooms, we believe this is really up to preference. Some people use their bonus rooms as a dedicated “theatre” space for movies and Netflix marathons, with the living room as a formal seating area. But, for others, it can become a barely-used space. Ask yourself: Are we fighting over the TV a lot? Would I want the space upstairs to make into a gaming room/office/etc.? Do I want a separate room to watch movies? If you answer yes to any of these, then a bonus room might be for you!

We hope these helpful questions bring you one step closer to your dream home!  Ask our experienced Area Managers for any remaining questions you have! 

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