Light Vs. Dark Kitchens

Light Vs. Dark Kitchens

Posted: June 03 2021

Light Vs. Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

We’ve weighed out all the ultimate decision makers to help determine whether light or dark cabinetry is for you. The controversial white vs. black, (or darker hues) is ongoing and up for debate. The decision is real, and we’re here to help you make the decision… Or find a happy medium.

Light cabinetry has many benefits, a white kitchen neutral–easily matched with décor and other interior finishing. White cabinets will make your space feel airy and spacious. We suggest selecting white cabinetry when your space is smaller or lacks natural light. You may find white is a stark, clinical choice–however there’s so many shades of white! A clinical white is a cooler white, whereas a soft warmer off-white may be the perfect solution! Now, cabinetry is not the only colour to consider in your kitchen. If you’ve always longed for white quartz countertops, white tones can easily contrast and make one look more yellowed when installed next to each other, (your kitchen island and bathroom cabinetry for example). Overall, we love white kitchens and if they’re done right–a bright airy timeless white is a good choice, especially for resale purposes down the road! We can confirm white cabinets have never gone out of style!

On the contrary, rich dark cabinet options that are also a great choice! We suggest selecting darker cabinets for larger spaces, or spaces with plenty of natural light so you don’t create a dark uninviting kitchen or bathroom. Darker colours are associated with grandeur and bring richness to a space. For smaller spaces, we suggest breaking the deep colours up with light countertops and backsplash selections to ensure aesthetic success! Another notable deciding factor to consider is darker (especially matte finish) cabinetry has a tendency to show more grease and fingerprints when compared to light cabinets.

Now, let’s talk about the best of both worlds! Two-tone cabinetry is your happy medium! We suggest you accent your kitchen with the darker hue or choose to go 50/50 selecting the darker colour for the lower cabinets, and lighter for the upper cabinets. You can also choose to accent a tower of cabinets, or just the island. When darker cabinets are selected for the base of your kitchen, it works to ground the space and creates a successfully balanced design.


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