Your October Home Maintenance Checklist

Your October Home Maintenance Checklist

Posted: October 21 2022

Happy October! As we pull out the boxes of spooky decorations and bake everything pumpkin, there’s lots you can do around your home to prepare for the winter season. Our friends at Alberta New Home Warranty Program have provided a task list for you to review. 

Adjust The Humidity

During the winter season, lower your humidity levels to 20%. The level will be different for each home, so if you see ice or condensation on your windows, that’s a sign you need to reduce your humidity levels more!

Check Furnace and Ventilation Filters

The air flow of your home is important, so check the filters to make sure they aren’t dirty or plugged!

Water Trees and Shrubs

With the weather cooling, you’ll want to make sure your trees and shrubs are watered thoroughly this month to ensure there is enough moisture at the roots during the winter season.

Inspect Floor Drains

You can often find your floor drain next to the furnace. To prevent sewer gas from entering your home, ensure water is always present in the drain.

Look At Eavestroughs & Downspouts

Efficient rooftop drainage helps keep your basement dry by moving water away from your home. Surface particles often settle in the eavestroughs, so this is the time of year to clean those out and keep them working properly.

Check Adjustable Steel Posts in the Basement

The steel posts support the main beams in the basement and transfer loads to the foundation. Quickly check that these posts are properly supporting the beam to reduce any uneven pressure issues in the future.

Lastly, as always, test the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and clean your range food filters! Happy October — and happy home decorating!

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