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SMART Homes From The Ground Up

SMART Homes From The Ground Up

Posted: March 11 2019

Every Landmark is precision built to be a SMARTER more efficient home that’s constructed in about half the time other builders require. By using a world-class SMART construction system called ACQBuilt and integrating today’s most advanced SMART features into every home, owners enjoy a faster predictable possession date, no unpleasant construction problems, more personalized space, and state of the art operating technologies that improve owner comfort, health, safety, security and cost savings.

 The ACQBuilt construction process uses advanced computerized systems and equipment to efficiently source and assemble the important structural elements of your home (building envelope) in aclimate-controlled compound. Here, they are built faster, more efficiently, and with superior quality control and safety standards. Man-hours spent, materials waste, contractor inefficiency and input costs are minimized, often by over 66% from conventionally built homes. 

Once completed, sub-structures are transported to your home site and erected within hours by expert teams of professional tradesman and specialized technicians operating under favourable weather and site conditions. This protects the building envelope, raw materialsand structural components from external threats like bad weather, site damage,theft, vandalism and contractor delays. Now that’s smart and sustainable.

Each home is master-built using the industry's SMARTEST components, features and finishes. 
 - Triple pane argon filled windows ensure better comfort, health and indoor climate control,
- NAVIAN direct hot water system delivers instant flow efficiently with cost savings,-      High velocity furnaces, air ducts and heat recovery system increases interior comfort, cleans the air, removes moisture and mitigates harmful air-bornebacteria and contaminants. 
 - SMARTlighting and designer switches enhance illumination quality and sense when to dim or shut off to save energy.
- ProgrammableNEST thermostats efficiently regulate heating and cooling, minimizing energy consumption and costs. 
- NESTdoorbells improve safety and security by showing outside activity to you anywhere in the world via internet connectivity.    

Every Landmark features over two dozen innovative SMART technology features to make life more comfortable and cost-effective in your new home. And, we are adding more everyday as the leader in SMART home design and delivery.