The Landmark Homes Standard

The Landmark Homes Standard

Posted: October 15 2019



Landmark Homes builds differently, we manufacture walls and floors with State of the Art robotic machines, assemble roof sections and waterproof them indoors. This facility is the most advanced home manufacturing facility in Canada. This method allows us to assemble your home on your lot in just 1-2 days, eliminating the adverse effects of exposure to rain or snow, freezing or thawing. And, practically eliminating growth of mold or mildew entirely! This innovative method of building keeps the the structural integrity of your home, avoiding negative effects from the outdoors.

The structure of your home is built exactly down to the millimetre it was designed for, and the material used to build the majority of lload bearing components of your home, is an engineered lumber. This lumber is several times stronger compared to traditional spruce or pine tree, used daily throughout the industry. The result is tightly built energy efficient and sustainable home that will last over 100 years, and significantly reduce energy costs.

This construction process not only eliminates room for error and allows for precision and accuracy, it also saves you hidden overhead costs. A fast & efficient build process expedites the entire construction timeline, enabling you to save costs on land interest. With saving time, we save you money. This is why we can lower our prices and still deliver a high-performance home for less. Additionally, the materials and build quality factor directly into making your home purchase a very valuable investment.

Read more about ACQBuilt in our blog!


We are colour board free! The sky is the limit at our in-house Design Studio, Ingeva! Express yourself and personalize your home with our experienced Interior Designers. Look at light fixtures, compare cabinet products, take your time and choose exactly what you love, colour & finish combinations are endless!


Precision building means no air leakage! With a Landmark Home, you don’t lose energy heating your home because the building structure is constructed precisely. An efficient heating system works with our smart system to keep your home the perfect consistent temperature throughout, without overworking. Triple pane windows play a role in energy savings, protecting and insulating your home. Top rated Energy Star appliances, and superior mechanical rooms also set us apart from the rest.Your hot water is tankless, you can see monthly savings when you only heat water as you need it. LED fixtures use less energy, all controlled by wireless switches that help you to control your energy use easily.

Ask your sales representative about certifying your single family home with Built Green Gold status. If you choose to include this option when building, you will receive a 15% rebate on CMHC fees!


Why are Landmark Homes healthy to live in? It begins at ACQBuilt–a climate controlled indoor building facility eliminates your homes susceptibility to potential growth of mold and bacteria behind the walls.We deliver an airtight, precision-built home with 2 essential ventilation and filtration systems that act as the lungs of your home. The HRV and Hi Velocity System; these are standard components in a Landmark Home that provide you and your family with clean fresh air, 24/7.

The first component is our HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) system, which continuously circulates fresh air into your home. The second component is an ultra-efficient Hi Velocity System (a high-performance furnace). This innovative system conserves energy, saving you money on heating bills and filters the air in your home free of unwanted moisture, pollution, dust and allergens. Clean, conditioned breathing air is essential to you, and your homes health. The lungs in a Landmark Home bring both long, and short-term health benefits.

Landmark Homes has built beautiful homes and communities, for over 45 years. We are committed to innovative design, technology & sustainability. You can trust us to deliver your first, second or forever home with confidence.

Let’s build your new home together!

*3 Colour Board Options Included
*Smart Home Packages Effective December 1st, 2019 [Some Exclusions Apply]
**Smart Wireless Switches Have Been Discontinued Due To The Global Supply Chain Until Further Notice.
***Use of engineered lumber has been limited due to the global supply chain until further notice.

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