What Is A Quick Possession Home?

What Is A Quick Possession Home?

Posted: December 23 2022

When looking at building a home, the term “quick possessions” may catch your eye. As an alternative to the pre-building stage, you might wonder — why do home builders offer quick possession homes?  

Our main focus is on pre-build homes and creating that experience from start to finish for customers, but there are benefits to quick possession homes that we want to offer home buyers!

What is a Quick Possession Home?

Quick possessions (Otherwise known as “spec homes”) are built by the home builder without a buyer locked in before construction begins. They are often selected by model popularity and to suit the needs of a community.

Why Do Home Builders Construct Quick Possession Homes? 

For Landmark Homes, we create quick possession homes because it offers home buyers who may not have the opportunity to wait for a build the benefit of still owning a beautifully-crafted home. In addition, we have the opportunity to create a versatile collection of homes at the ready for various prices, so no matter your budget, you can find something you need. 

Depending on the stage of construction, home buyers may not have the luxury of choosing the interior finishes of their quick possession homes. However, our homes are crafted by our team of experts, from the drafters to the designers, so the interiors have beautiful finishes and stay true to Landmark’s Homes’ values: health, energy-efficiency, security and comfort

Perks Of Quick Possession Homes

Ready Sooner
These homes are desirable because they're already on the way! Life can be full of surprises and changes. If you’re looking for a new home but don’t have the luxury of waiting throughout the entire construction process, you can purchase and gain possession sooner than with a pre-build. Perfect for those in a time crunch!

Brand New Home
Quick Possessions are brand new homes built with the same care as if we are the home buyer! You know you’re getting everything new with a precision, airtight build and high-quality interior finishes.

Budget Friendly
If you’re on a tight budget and nervous about spending over your amount, then quick possession homes may be for you! Quick Possession state exactly how much the new home costs, so you can work directly with that fixed price and see if it works for you.

Less Options
While this may be a con for some, some home buyers aren’t too particular about their interior finishes or feel overwhelmed with all the choices and just want the perks of a new home with a quality builder. As long as the floor plan, square footage and community are a right fit for you, you’re set!

(Of course, depending on the stage of the quick possession, you may still be able to select some finishes to suit your personal taste!) 

Warranty Coverage
Good news — you still get warranty coverage with a quick possession home, as it’s still a new build!

Quick Possessions aren't for everyone, but they are a great choice for those who want the benefit of the new home and need it fast! 

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