Net Zero Vs. Net Zero Ready Homes

Net Zero Vs. Net Zero Ready Homes

Posted: April 08 2022

What IS the difference between a Net Zero home and a Net Zero ready home?

It’s exactly how it sounds, a Net Zero home is a home that uses 0 gigajoules annually to run, and a Net Zero Ready home is one that is planned and geared up to be Net Zero in the future!  Here are the two Canadian Home Builder Association definitions:

Net Zero Home

CHBA Qualified Net Zero Homes are defined as homes that produce as much clean energy as they consume annually, using on-site renewable energy systems. Up to 80% more energy efficient than typical new homes, Net Zero Homes are extremely well built with extra insulation, high-performance windows, and excellent airtightness to minimize heating and cooling needs. Appliances, lighting, and mechanical systems are all as energy efficient as possible. 1

Net Zero Ready Home

CHBA Qualified Net Zero Ready Homes are built to the exact same efficiency requirements as Net Zero Homes. The only difference is that the renewable energy system (i.e., solar panels) have not yet been installed. However, the home has been designed and constructed to easily install the renewable energy system in the future. Think of Net Zero Ready Homes as wired for its future renewable energy system, and therefore “Ready” to be fully Net Zero. 1
If you’re interested in building a future proof home, but not totally prepared to front the entire cost of building a solar panel system–you can meet your budget in the middle with a Net Zero Ready home and have the solar installed later when the time is right!

Net Zero homes must be built on powerful 200AMP lots–regular lots are not equipped to handle the energy usage a Net Zero home or Net Zero Ready home requires. Since Net Zero homes are free from natural gas, they use more energy than the average home. This means your specification changes to serve an energy-only home. These homes feature unique furnaces that provide heating and cooling without gas, extra installation, a calculated roof orientation and more! A Net Zero home is an investment that pays for itself over time, relieves you from utility bills, and has a-m-a-z-i-n-g resale value!

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