What makes a Landmark Home Comfortable?

What makes a Landmark Home Comfortable?

Posted: April 20 2021

Find Your Comfort Zone.

We talk about comfort all the time, but what does a comfortable home really mean? When we talk comfort, we’re not referring to a soft sofa or your favourite lounge chair, (although we’re totally in favour of cozy furniture). We’re referring to even temperatures, healthy humidity levels, the convenience of a smart home integration and financial comfort.

Financial Comfort

We’ve got your financial comfort covered with energy savings both short and long-term. A Landmark Home is ultra-energy efficient–everything down to the bones of your home work towards savings and energy conservation. Our Watersense® certified plumbing fixtures paired with a tankless water heater, the hi-velocity heating system and ENERGY STAR ® rated windows and appliances all work towards a predictable and low monthly utility bill that ultimately serves you and your wallet for years, even decades down the road. Our homes are anywhere from 15 to 20 percent more energy efficient than the industry’s standard. Which means your utility bills will be lower than your neighbours, unless of course they’re in a Landmark Home too!

Durability & Peace of Mind

Our unique off-site building method ensures a durable home, guaranteed. Longevity and durability is not something most new homeowners consider when new home shopping, but it’s a huge factor when it comes time to resell or if you’re building your forever home. A Landmark Home is built differently indoors with engineered lumber. In short, this ultimately means your home will outlast and outperform regular stick-built homes.

3rd Party Certification

You don’t have to take our word for comfort and savings–you can receive 3rd party certification to confirm your home is a high performing, airtight home! We offer BUILTGREEN® certification so you can rest assured knowing your home is well worth your investment.

Smart Home Convenience

It doesn’t get more comfortable than having the ability to adjust your homes temperature remotely! At Landmark, we’re all about going the extra mile to deliver unsurpassed comfort to provide the best living experience possible for our homeowners.

Medical Grade Indoor Air

Nothing says comfort like healthy indoor air, and even temperatures. Our hi-velocity system does more than just deliver fresh air. It reduces cold spots, controls moisture content depending on the season. Additionally, the 3-stage filter kills viruses, unwanted bacteria, pollutants, allergens and carcinogenic VOCs. Living in a Landmark Home means your indoor air is medical-grade quality. This helps clear sinuses, lessens watery itchy eyes, ultimately promoting better health at home. Our indoor air is unsurpassable, and (for peace of mind), the system is 3rd party tested so we can promise you and your family the highest standards in indoor air without question. Comfortable? We think so.

Living in a Landmark Home means peace of mind, without compromise. Our high-performance homes take care of you. We’re all homebodies these days, and we understand that small features in your home go a long way. We live in our homes ourselves!

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