Why Building Your Home Offsite is Better

Why Building Your Home Offsite is Better

Posted: June 24 2022

We know what you’re thinking — how can you build a house offsite? Well, with a really cool big facility! We build our homes in ACQBuilt, a leading offsite construction facility in Edmonton. But we’re not surprised that you’re surprised. Building your home offsite isn’t common, nor something every builder does. 
So why do we build our homes offsite instead? 


Building in ACQBuilt means having access to state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to build to 1mm precision in the framing and window installation, leading to a tight, energy-efficient home. Even the roofs are impacted — working without heights means that panelized roof systems are engineered stronger and assembled in a safe climate-controlled environment. Every process is consistent for top quality, accuracy and strength!

No Outdoor Elements

Because we build offsite, we can get your home to the lockup stage within a few days, rather than the traditional weeks-long process onsite building requires. Onsite building leads to your home being exposed to nature's elements longer, creating opportunities for mold and mildew to impact your home. In addition, the home could be affected by other factors that can damage the structure, such as vandalism or theft. Offsite building means a healthier structure and a home that lasts!


Because we can build offsite, it means framing and set up becomes a faster process, so you won't experience the common delays that can happen with onsite building!

Reduced Waste

Did you know that building offsite means saving waste by 50%!? That’s because our technology allows us to make cuts in the framing correctly, resulting in less wasted material. It also reduces our carbon footprint with everything we need all in one area, reducing back and forth trips. Not only did we build your home with innovation, but we consider sustainability too! 
Those all sound like pretty great reasons to us! Curious how it works? Check out our blog with a step-by-step process on how the building process with ACQBuilt works! 

Want to learn more about the facility? Watch the video below: 

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