We Leave the Trees Standing.

We Leave the Trees Standing.

Posted: June 22 2020

Landmark Homes proudly leads the industry with the most sustainable and environmentally friendly building practices. We have made an environmental commitment to initiate sustainable building practices in North America to benefit future generations. In good faith, Landmark Homes has recognized critical global issues and pursued building techniques to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and its impact on natural resources. Sustainable building practices are essential to our planet, and future generations.

Engineered Lumber

We have made the environmentally cautious decision to build our homes with a combination of engineered lumber to help preserve our forests.

Engineered lumber, AKA Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) is manufactured lumber made with a mix of underutilized smaller scraps of woods and wood fibres that would otherwise be considered unusable in the building world. This material allows us to build stronger homes, without the common defects in traditional lumber while saving our forests that are essential to the ecosystem, the atmosphere, and critical for producing clean air.

LSL is more fire retardant, weather resistant, and manufactured into uniform shapes leaving no defects such as warping, bending and buckling that are commonly found in traditional lumber. LSL is a sustainable product, the growing, harvesting and regrowth of forests is on a continuous cycle and provides clean are and water, wildlife habitat, renewable energy and a dependable supply of wood. 70% of the energy used to produce engineered lumber is from renewable biomass.

LSL is bonded together through pressure and waterproof adhesives, resulting in a material that leaves no part of the tree to waste, it is a far less toxic alternative in comparison to other engineered lumbers.

- LSL versus traditional lumber has less moisture content allows for greater strength, longevity and uniformity while preserving our forests.

- Using LSL enables us to deliver an ultra-strong home, with a lessened environmental impact.

- The use of engineered lumber allows us to minimize waste and unused natural resources.

200% Stronger

Engineered Lumber is 200% stronger and is becoming more commonly used in commercial building applications as an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete and metal. LSL offers durability, longevity, and is significantly higher quality than traditional dimensional lumber.

80% Lessened Carbon Footprint

In conjunction with the low environmental impacts of engineered lumber, we build all our new home components in a state-of-the-art centralized framing facility called ACQBuilt to further eliminate our carbon footprint. This facility allows us to reduce greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere by up to 80%, saving up to 35 trips to & from site on average per house, or 1400 kilometres per vehicle to build a single home. On a bigger scale, if we applied this innovative construction method to the 36,000 homes built in Alberta each year, we could reduce up to 50 million kilometres of drive time and eliminate the unnecessary amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into our atmosphere just through centralized framing alone.

Over 50% Less Waste

Have you ever driven past a new home job site and seen full trash bins of excess building material? All of this excess waste is a result of inaccurate measurements, unused lumber, and other raw building materials. We build differently, to prevent wasted materials through precision, accuracy and efficiency at ACQbuilt. Through automated precision measurements and cuts, this allows us to maximize yield, and ultimately reduces over 50% wasted material per home in comparison to traditional stick building methods.

100% Renewable Resource

When using LSL, there is little to no wasted material. Every part of the tree is used. When traditional lumber is harvested, you are left with unused lumber that goes to waste. Traditional lumber takes 59-190 years to grow trees large enough to provide sufficient beams for building. LSL lumber is made with smaller wild bush that can be harvested every 15-29 years. LSL saves the large trees from being cut down and produces abundant renewable energy and captures carbon output. The regrowth of wild bush farms creates a healthy cycle of energy and material that renews itself and provides clean air by drawing carbon out of our atmosphere systematically.


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