Make the Move to Alberta

Make the Move to Alberta

Posted: August 18 2023

Alberta is calling, and many have answered, with our interprovincial migration on the rise since 2022. According to Alberta’s population statistics, Alberta had the largest net interprovincial migration in the first quarter of the year (15,786). 

People are making the move – Why? Because Alberta has emerged as a magnet for individuals seeking employment, affordable living and the opportunity to enter the housing market.  

Strong job market 

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, there were 11,600 more full-time jobs in July 2023. With many large corporations and businesses based in Edmonton, such as Telus, ATB, and Canadian Western Bank, there are always employment opportunities. You can also find smaller and medium-sized retail, IT services, and logistics companies advertising vacancies. 

An attainable dream 

Settling down in your dream home is an attainable dream in Alberta, as opposed to the escalating real estate prices in provinces like Ontario and British Columbia. The Canadian Real Estate Association reports the average house price in Alberta for June 2023 was $464,139. While British Colombia was $989,523, and Ontario followed its lead at $910,102. 

The province has become attractive to investors and home buyers who want more square footage for their investment. You no longer need to sacrifice space and can enjoy an elevated living experience with larger homes that are more affordable. 

Your dollars stretch further 

With the recent inflation rates, we could all agree that every dollar counts - and that dollar can get you more in Alberta. The shift of people moving from other provinces has been mainly driven by affordability. Albertans do not incur PST or HST and offer the lowest overall taxes in Canada.  

Alberta’s lower cost of living has positioned it as an excellent option for those looking to achieve a better work-life balance without compromising on their quality of life. 

Exciting times ahead 

The increase in interprovincial migration and the ability to purchase a home at a reasonable price has not only driven the demand for housing but has also spurred economic activity in construction and related industries.  

This is an exciting time for Landmark to build new homes that reflect the needs and lifestyle of these newcomers. 

Planting roots in Edmonton 

Besides affordability and accessibility to the housing market, there are many aspects that make Edmonton a beautiful city to plant your roots and grow your family.  

Known as the Festival City, you won’t run out of fun and exciting events to participate in, with over fifty festivals happening over the year. Fall in love with the river valley or explore the two iconic Canadian Rockies national parks a few hours away - Banff and Jasper. 

Most neighbourhoods are thoughtfully planned with schools, shopping centres, parks, and access to transportation nearby. Edmonton also has a great selection of restaurants, including bars and lounges for those who enjoy the nightlife. 
The recent growth in interprovincial migration brings a fresh and diverse energy to the city. It is a wonderful opportunity for newcomers to be part of a dynamic and multicultural community in Edmonton’s evolving landscape. 
Ready to make the move to Edmonton? This blog post can help you find out which Edmonton neighbourhood is right for you! 

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