Here’s to a Healthy Start, 365 Days of the Year.

Here’s to a Healthy Start, 365 Days of the Year.

Posted: January 01 2021

Say hello to a healthier lifestyle, every day.

We can confidently say (now more than ever), healthy matters. Even more notably, respiratory health matters.

That’s what the new year is all about, right? A healthy, fresh start? What if you could effortlessly make healthier, cleaner, greener choices year-round? Well, it’s possible­–you could be living in a Landmark Home. A permanent, healthy sanctuary for you, and your family.

Did you know the building materials in your home have a direct impact on you and your family’s health? And, beyond materials–construction methods play a role on your health as well! Can you tell where this is going? Yes, our homes are healthier than the rest! We strongly believe clean air shouldn’t be an upgrade. We’re proud to offer premium indoor air quality as standard. Our entire building practice is dedicated to you & your family’s health.

Why is a Landmark Home safer & healthier to live in?

Our homes are designed to deliver premium indoor air through unconventional air systems and innovative construction methods to ensure your living environment is comfortable without compromise. When you live in a Landmark Home, you can rest assured knowing you're making the healthier choice for you and your family, every day.

Why do non-toxic finishings matter?

Healthier indoor air starts with less chemical emissions! Did you know many interior products have toxic finishings that could potentially harm the health of your little ones? That’s why we make interior selections with VOCs in mind. At Landmark Homes, we consciously make interior and structural material selections and that give off little to no VOC emissions.

What are VOCs?

VOC’s are vapours that release toxic chemicals into the air we breathe and over time, negatively impact you and your children’s health.

What does a healthier home structure mean for you?

Behind the walls, we use engineered lumber for the structure of your home. This material is steam pressed and bonded together with formaldehyde free adhesives and treated to inhibit bacterial growth! Breathe easy knowing your home is free from unwanted growth behind the drywall.

Why does building in a moisture free environment matter?

Every Landmark Home is built off-site to ensure building materials don’t get exposed to the outdoors. Moisture can rot elements of your home, and even though you can’t see behind the dry wall, you inhale the unhealthy airborne particles! We avoid this completely through our innovative building method. Our homes are exposed to an 80% reduced chance of moisture in comparison to traditional stick-built homes.

What does the Hi-Velocity System mean for your health?

The Hi-Velocity System filters air to a really high standard! The elimination of unwanted pollution, dust and allergens from your indoor air, improves and promotes good respiratory health. This system pressurizes air through tiny ducts, eliminating the build-up of dust and debris that is commonly found in conventional forced air systems. With dust collection, comes unwanted health related issues. Safe moisture levels are maintained by the hi-velocity system, to ensure conditions where these unhealthy bacteria can grow & spread are significantly reduced.

From the building materials, to our construction methods & final interior finishes like cabinetry & carpet selections; our homes are built to promote wellness & comfort year-round.

Discover the difference in 2021 and experience a healthier every day for you and your loved ones.


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