Everything To Know About The Alberta New Home Warranty Program!

Everything To Know About The Alberta New Home Warranty Program!

Posted: September 17 2021

We’ve Got You Covered! Here’s everything you need to know about our warranty program.

When you buy a Landmark Home, you’re backed by Canada’s first and most reputable new home warranty provider.1

At Landmark, we build high quality, beautiful, energy efficient homes. We understand that a home must do more than just look good—it must perform well. Our homes are full of features that increase its strength, precision, efficiency, and durability.

In Alberta, builders must provide homebuyers with a third-party warranty.2 We are proud to offer peace of mind to our customers with coverage from the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, insurance provided by The New Home Warranty Insurance (Canada) Corporation.1

Alberta’s Premier New Home Warranty Provider

“The Program” was founded in 1974 to provide a comprehensive package of warranty protections and promote higher standards of performance within Alberta’s homebuilding industry. Over 45 years later, the Program is Alberta’s most experienced, most trusted new home warranty provider. Alberta New Home Warranty focuses on performance, professionalism, and value – the cornerstones of every successful relationship between homebuilders and homeowners.1

Alberta’s Builders of Choice

The Program’s Builder Members are the elite of Alberta’s homebuilding industry, well known for building excellence, outstanding customer service and performance that far surpasses industry standards. Alberta New Home Warranty partners with only the best new home builders across Canada, and they carefully review and monitor new home builders for quality, responsiveness, consistency and customer satisfaction.1

Warranty Coverage Details:

1 Year Labour & Materials

Coverage for defects in materials and labour (e.g., baseboards, flooring, fixtures).

2 Years Distribution Systems

Coverage for defects in materials and labour related to delivery and distribution systems (e.g., heating, electrical and plumbing systems).

5 or 7 Years Building Envelope

Coverage for defects in the building envelope, which the Act defines as the system of components that separate the controlled interior air from the exterior (e.g., roof and exterior walls). Our condo and townhome projects include 5 year coverage, and our single family homes include 7 year coverage!

10 Years Structural

Coverage for the key structural components of your home (e.g., frame and foundation).

Keep in mind that "settling" is common during the first year and may result, for instance, in minor cracks or nail pops. If you have questions about your home, encounter any problems or need service, follow the process here to submit your warranty claim!

Benefits for Homeowners:

Peace of Mind

Complete confidence that their builders of choice are the best of Alberta’s best homebuilders.

The comfort that comes with knowing a new home purchase is protected by a professional, reputable and enduring new home warranty. provider


Secure Homeowner Portal for reviewing contracts, requesting Program assistance and accessing important information and resources.

A live Contact Centre with representatives available by phone or email to answer homeowner questions.


Mandatory industry-specific education through PHBI to improve competency, performance and service.

Proven track record of honouring promises, standing behind the homes they build and working with homeowners to resolve any issues that may arise.


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