How to Build Multigenerational Homes

How to Build Multigenerational Homes

Posted: September 07 2023

Families are rediscovering the appeal of living in a full house - a home filled with shared experiences and intergenerational bonding.

You may be imagining chaos and busy hallways when you think of multigenerational living, but with the right floor plans you can design a home that can accommodate private spaces while remaining connected to the main home. 

The increase in demand for multi-generational homes is because it offers a unique blend of financial practicality, caregiving, and emotional support. 

Whether you’re sharing the space with grandparents or young adults, these 5 elements in your home can make a world of a difference to ensure a comfortable living arrangement. 

Side Entry

Incorporate a side entry to your home that leads to a developed basement for another level of independence and seclusion. This is perfect for the in-laws who want their own kitchen and living area. Many of our home models come with a basement development option - some can even include laundry rough-ins, so there are no line-ups on laundry days! 

Main Floor Bedroom

Having all the bedrooms on one floor can be a little hectic for daily routines as everyone tries to get ready for the day. A main-floor bedroom gives your extended family separation from the upstairs bedrooms. 

The fourth bedroom on our Fisher model is conveniently tucked away from the main living area, with the kitchen - the busiest part of the home, located on the opposite side. 

Multiple Flex Space

It could be a bonus room, a corner nook, or a den, but having multiple areas for specific activities can help you make sense of the chaos. With these rooms, you can cater to your family’s activities and make it a media room, a playroom or a small office area - every space counts! 

Our Gold Maple model offers a living room, a family room, and a flex room on the main floor - plenty of space to make your own! Plus, the upstairs bonus room gives your family a chance to gather for a cozy movie night! 

Functional Closets

Keeping everything organized is the key to a well-functioning household. There’s a space for everyone and everything! A pantry, broom closet, and linen closets can be a game changer to ensuring everything is where it’s supposed to be - don’t ignore the small details! 

Our Red Oak model has you covered for closet space with a walk-through pantry, a broom closet, a mud room, and a linen closet. 

Full Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often people’s own little retreat. To ensure everyone gets their personal space, it is a good idea to have a full bathroom for every two people in the home, or every family unit. 

Our Gold Maple and Fisher models offer three full bathrooms located right next to their respective bedrooms for convenience and accessibility. 

The key to building a multigenerational home is maximizing the home’s potential. Our Area Sales Managers would be happy to discuss incorporating these elements into your new home to create a functional and comfortable home for you and your family. 

*Floor plans and home models are subject to change without notice.

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