Ingeva Design Studio Series — Design News With Nicole

Ingeva Design Studio Series — Design News With Nicole

Posted: March 30 2023

Welcome back to our Ingeva Design Studio Series! We only have a couple of designers left — and today, we're featuring one of our newer designers, Nicole! Nicole dives into our Q&A with great advice, insight into her design style and information on timeless designs and finishes that make a room special. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and take in Nicole's design knowledge!

1.  What’s your favourite room to stage in our show homes? 

Living rooms! They are the centre of the home and one of the more important rooms to stage. Living rooms tremendously impact how clients feel and see themselves living in the home. The staging should emphasize the room's architectural features. Adding an area rug can make a room feel fresh and inviting. Place some sleek furniture in the ideal locations to demonstrate how one can utilize the space. Your living room will come to life if you let some natural light into the room and add a little greenery. 

2. In three words, how would you describe your design style? 

Organic, Modern, Minimalism — less is more!

3. What is a timeless interior finish for you?

Of course, you can never go wrong with white cabinets and a classic subway tile. You can also opt for natural materials like wood and stone, which endure throughout time because they provide interior visual impact, warmth and depth. Whites, greys, browns and taupes are design staples for classic interiors, bearing in mind that even neutrals like grey, which is progressively losing popularity, can become dated. When using neutrals, textures and patterns provide depth and improve visual appeal. Opting for clean lines, natural elements and a neutral colour palette makes escaping fast-paced trends possible.

4. Where do you find inspiration?

Instagram is a great place to find inspiration. Once you find one account that piques your interest, Instagram suggests similar accounts! It is a rabbit hole from there. Pinterest is also super easy to browse and find quick inspiration. Whenever you encounter something that inspires you, add it to a folder. The next time you need fresh inspiration, check your folder to see what you've gathered.

5. What do you love about Ingeva?

Our environments significantly impact how we see and navigate the world. I enjoy using my creativity to assist clients in creating a space that explicitly reflects their tastes and lifestyles, helping them choose products and materials, then watching it all come together to create a finished result that provides customers with a home they love. Being able to work in an industry that you love and have a passion for makes coming to work a joy.

6. What is the biggest advice you can give homeowners for their one-on-one appointment? 

Gather inspiration! Browse Instagram, Pinterest and magazines to get an idea of your must-haves, and bring them to your appointment. The designers at Ingeva can efficiently work off your inspirational pictures to guide you through your selections. 

7. If you could only use one piece of décor or finish to make a room special, what would it be and why? 

Light fixtures tremendously influence the design and feel of the environment, as well as our mood and energy. Choosing the right fixture can elevate the space and work as a form of art. Aesthetic lighting completely transforms the space and shows off your taste and attention to detail. When a room needs a revamp, think about switching up the lighting!

8.  Can you show us a flat lay of finishes you would choose in your Landmark Home, and tell us why you picked them.

My flat lay reflects my design style — organic, modern and minimalism. I chose to bring in warm neutral tones, texture and natural materials, allowing the aesthetic to soften and reveal a more cordial, inviting atmosphere, adding pops of black with plumbing, handles and fluted tile as focal points. I also opted for black-framed windows with light-coloured walls, creating a stronger connection with the outdoors. The key is to use black selectively to avoid the space feeling too dark; it adds great contrast with the natural wood elements.

Adding off-white cabinetry and light wood cabinets in the kitchen allows for a break from the wood floors. Lately, I have been obsessed with green; green is everywhere in nature and goes perfectly with natural elements. Installing the green tiles in the bathrooms creates a calming choice — plus, square tiles are popular right now. Introducing pattern tiles inserts fun into the design. The wool rug adds a cozy feeling to any room. The overall design is a balanced mix of modern lines and clean, neutral surfaces contrasted with natural forms and materials. 
Thank you, Nicole, for giving great insight into the design world! By explaining how to make neutrals work, adding fun to your design, and sharing how light fixtures transform a room, homeowners can feel more confident when selecting their interior finishes.

Stay tuned for our last Ingeva Design Studio series. If you have any questions for our designers, follow us on social media and DM us your thoughts!

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