How To Purchase a Landmark Home from Out of Town!

How To Purchase a Landmark Home from Out of Town!

Posted: October 15 2021

How To Purchase a Landmark Home from Out of Town!

Did you know we sell homes to out-of-town purchasers? If you’re planning to move to Edmonton and currently live in another province or country, this blog is for you! If you’re an out-of-town purchaser seeking to purchase your new home remotely, we’ve put together a few key points to consider ensuring a seamless experience!

Lot Hold

A lot hold is your first commitment serious to your new home! Holding your lot ensures no one else can purchase your home-to-be! The hold gives you some time to get your financing and pricing sorted out. Your lot is reserved with a refundable $1000 cheque or bank draft for 7 days. For out-of-town purchasers, we allow your lot hold cheque or draft to be couriered to our head office!

Remote Contract Signing

The purchase agreement is a legal contract between yourself, and the builder. It outlines the construction of your new home, and the specification(s) such as building materials used to build your home. For remote sales we will send you a digital contract via email, you will need a DocuSign account to review and sign!

Lenders & Lawyers

Since purchasing a new home is a legal transaction, you need a lawyer! As an out-of-town purchaser you can choose to use a mortgage lender from our preferred lenders list and then we pay for your legal fees! When using one of our preferred lenders the out-of-town process moves much smoother as our lenders are familiar with our purchase process, and your standard legal fees are covered. This means you’ll have a smaller legal bill to cover at closing!

Identity Verification

Depending on your schedule, we can plan to confirm your identity through the completion of a Fintrac form in person on your next trip to Edmonton, or we can provide documentation to a notary or commission of oath to sign off on!

Legal Fees & Closing Documents

Our lawyer can courier the package to a notary or commission of oath, or you can choose to use your own lawyer from your current location at your own expense. At that time, we schedule an appointment in Edmonton 3 weeks prior to possession. As per GST, we only charge 5% GST, no land transfer tax or PST! When making your down payment, we accept cheques couriered to our head office or accommodate wire transfer.

Virtual Design Appointment

Ingeva, our exclusive Landmark Homes design studio gives you the luxury of selecting every element of your interior, all in one place! Your 3 hour appointment at ingeva consists of virtual one-on-one time with one of our talented, experienced Interior Designers. We allow you to invite a local friend, realtor, or family member to attend your design appointment in-person to help assist you!

In addition to our experienced sales specialists guiding you through the purchase process, our website is adept with tools that will help you find the perfect home in the right community. Explore our model and community pages, learn about different neighbourhood amenities, ask us questions in the chat, and walk through homes virtually when you see the 3D tour button!

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