Ultra Energy Efficient Homes

Ultra Energy Efficient Homes

Posted: July 28 2020

Leading the Industry: Energy Efficient Homes

Your home works all day & night, to make you comfortable. A Landmark Home will make you comfortable, without overworking or wasting energy. Every element in a Landmark Home is designed for energy efficiency, sustainability, and ultimately a luxurious lifestyle for our homeowners. A green, energy efficient home means low utility bills, healthier indoor air and advanced smart home technology to maximize your everyday living.

Built Green® Certified

We are proud members of Built Green® Canada. Landmark Homeowners benefit with day to day savings because of all the energy efficient items included in our homes. But wait, it gets better! You can also receive a rebate for purchasing a green home! Landmark Homes are guaranteed to perform at least 15-20% better than the average build. Ask us how to receive a certification plaque for your new homes Energuide rating. This rating qualifies you for a CMHC mortgage loan insurance rebate. The rebate pays you up to 20% back on your mortgage loan insurance.

For example, this is $2200 in savings on a $400,000 home with a 5% down payment. This certification also helps with resale, it’s a valuable and recognized throughout the housing industry. Homes with a Built Green® certification are 10% more likely to sell compared to homes without.

Precision Built

We build down to the millimetre! This reduces air leakage, which means you’re not heating the outdoors in the Winter, and vice versa in the Summer. Airtight homes improve energy efficiency performance.

Hi Velocity System

When shopping for a home, you will notice Landmark Homes have circular air vents instead of the traditional rectangular vents. That’s because we use a Hi Velocity System, which consumes less energy than a traditional furnace and provides healthier, cleaner air.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

This unit acts as the lungs of your home, improving ventilation and bringing continuous fresh air inside. It allows for stale moisture filled air to be removed from your home, and crisp fresh air to be brought in. This system works together with the Hi Velocity System by transferring heat from the air leaving your home to the fresh air coming in. Clean moisture free air is easier to heat and cool, thus making your Hi-Velocity system not have to work as hard, using less energy–saving you money!

Triple Pane Windows

Triple glazed low-E argon, gas filled windows protect your home, and actually have an invisible coating that reflects sunrays. This is like sunblock for your home during Summer, and works to keep heat indoors during colder months.

Tankless Hot Water

A tankless hot water system is standard in a Landmark Home! This system gives you hot water on demand, takes up less much space than a traditional tank, and only runs when you turn hot water on. No more paying for a full hot water tank 24/7.

ENERGY STAR® High Efficiency Rated Appliances

These appliances are certified to run more efficiently using less energy, saving you money on your electricity bill.

Solar Panels

This is an optional feature we have available for our single-family homes. Incorporating solar paneling to your home increases value and lowers utility bills as your home is producing its own energy.

Heat Drain Recovery

This is an optional feature we have available for our single-family homes. The heat drain recovery is a copper coil you can see in our mechanical rooms–we encourage you to take a peek! This system takes heat from your used water and coverts the heat to reusable energy. Your home works all day & night, to make you comfortable.

Net Zero Homes

A Landmark Net Zero Home uses zero gigajoules of energy over the course of a year. We add a package of boosted energy-efficient features into each home, including an ultra-efficient heating and cooling system, extra insulation, double coated triple-pane windows, and superior ventilation. We then cover the roof with solar panels, making this home a powerhouse. The result is a super-efficient and airtight home, an exceptional living experience and net zero energy bills for you.


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