We Build The Healthiest Home On The Block.

We Build The Healthiest Home On The Block.

Posted: October 22 2021

Our homes are the healthiest–live better, sleep easier & breathe cleaner indoor air in a Landmark Home.

Moisture Control

Mold, Mildew & Bacteria FREE. We build indoors with engineered lumber, to achieve a moisture free structure. Moisture promotes unwanted mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Engineered lumber is treated to inhibit bacterial growth, and safe moisture levels are maintained by the Hi-Velocity System, to ensure conditions where these unhealthy bacteria can grow & spread are significantly reduced.

Cleaner Air

Dust, allergen & pollution FREE. The Hi-Velocity System is designed to filter air to a high standard. This results in the elimination of unwanted pollution, dust and allergens from your indoor air, improves and promotes good respiratory health. 

Medical Grade Indoor Air

Say hello to the cleanest indoor air, free of chemicals, allergens, odours, bacteria, germs and viruses including COVID-19. Our brand-new air purification system is a 3-stage medical-grade filtration system that purifies & detoxifies your homes indoor air to protect your family. As indoor air circulates through the filter, impurities are eliminated in 3 unique stages using advanced technologies. This 3-stage process ensures your family is breathing the healthiest indoor air possible, while conserving energy & saving money.*

Pressurized Air

Zero dust build up! The air in a Landmark Home is pressurized through tiny ducts, this eliminates the build-up of dust and debris that is commonly found in conventional forced air systems. With dust collection, comes unwanted health related issues.

Air Tight Build

Better ventilation & draft free! Our homes are airtight, because they are precision built. This means your home is better ventilated through the HRV, and free of drafts. This quality offers safer indoor air, free of unwanted airborne pollutants, and uneven temperatures. 

Circulation & Climate

Indoor air circulates 24/7. The air in your home never stops moving! A constant fan in the Hi-Velocity System ensures consistent air circulation and even temperature throughout your home, 24/7. Even temperatures and constant air circulation helps to promote good cardiovascular health.

Non Toxic Materials

Ultra low VOC’s & formaldehyde FREE! We have consciously made interior and structural material selections and that give off little to no VOC emissions. VOC’s are vapours that release toxic chemicals into the air we breathe and can negatively impact our health. For example, all of our cabinetry is finished with organic water based thinners to ensure low VOC emissions. Our carpet selections are certified safe for a healthy home & made in part with renewable plant based resources. Behind you walls, the structure of your home is made with engineered lumber that is steam pressed and bonded together with formaldehyde free adhesive.

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*3-stage Medical-Grade Air Purification Filter included in all new single-family Landmark Homes. February 1st, 2021.

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