Style Guide: Accent & Feature Walls

Style Guide: Accent & Feature Walls

Posted: March 23 2022

Let’s talk focal points and simple design hacks that will make your new home magazine-worthy.

When you’re designing your new home at our in-house design studio, you have so many standard and upgrade options to choose from! Once you’re finished designing your essentials such as kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting–you can move on to finishing touches like accents and feature walls to make your home uniquely you!

Let’s get your interior design imagination going and talk about feature wall options you can install in your new Landmark Home!


When you’re choosing paint, you have two primary hues to work with. One, the drywall. Two, the trim. It’s a good idea to keep your walls and time timeless and neutral–however, adding a painted feature wall is the most cost-effective solution to create interest to your space. Plus, it’s super easy to repaint if you decide to switch up your interior colour scheme down the road!


We love wallpaper! Adding a print or textured wallpaper to your walls can create interest in different ways depending on what look you’re going for! Subtle fabric wallpaper can create a relaxed and calm environment as it can work to absorb light and sound with texture. The smaller the pattern, the less impact your wall will have. If you’re seeking a playful interior with a bigger impact, go for larger prints and high contrast!
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Tile is a more permanent feature, but it’s extremely durable and timeless making it worth it! Tiled feature walls are most common in kitchens and bathrooms because of its water resilience. Tile is wipeable and splash-proof making it low maintenance and easy to clean. The same rules apply for tile as they do wallpaper. If you want a big impact, go for high contrast–this can be accomplished with a printed tile, or your grout colour. Whether you take your kitchen backsplash to the ceiling, tile your power room to impress guests, or bring emphasis to your fireplace–we can absolutely help you create the look you want!
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Wainscotting is a similar concept to bead board or shiplap! It can create subtle or impactful interest with lines and pattern. Wainscotting is simply panelized mouldings that are painted over to take your walls to the next level! A curved moulding can be designed to embody a classic ritzy look as shown below, or larger square mouldings can be used to create modern interest. The choice is yours!

Wall Sconces

You can’t invest in beautiful feature walls without showing them off! Not only does wall lighting accentuate your feature wall, but it also offers omni direction illumination that brings ambiance to your home. Wall lighting is a game changer!
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