House of Hope

House of Hope

Posted: August 16 2019

On August 15th, 2019 we celebrated the House of Hope. This is a charity home our generous trade partners, land developer and Landmark Homes contribute to together. Collectively, we donate all building supplies, delivering a stunning home to the Edmonton housing market. Once we sell the home, all proceeds go to the University Hospital Foundation.

The House of Hope has been a success for decades, giving back to our community has become essential in our business practice. Edmonton is where we have grown our roots and reciprocating the support back to the community is fundamental. Together, we have donated over $5,000,000 to the University of Alberta Hospital. The funds have gone towards medical equipment & research, patient & critical care services, cardiac & nuclear medicine, which is providing benefit & relief to so many in need on a daily basis. In 2018 we had the opportunity to fund the first air stroke ambulance in North America.

This year, we have enabled the first Osseointegration treatment in North America, a treatment that has only been available in Europe & Australia until now. This treatment provides a prosthetic surgically attached to the bone, enabling movement and improving quality of life for patients in need. We were fortunate enough to hear from Angelena Dolezar, a K-9 teacher here in Edmonton. She is the first beneficiary of the funding for this project, and she will be the first patient to receive Osseointegration in Alberta. Her story had our undivided attention, as she explained to us how her life was suddenly changed in a split second on the Shuswap Lake when she had a water sport accident. This medical treatment will aid her inability and daily struggle, allowing her to get back to living the life she lived before the accident. We thank her for her story and sharing her experience with us, there are no words to describe our compassion.

To our partners, a special thank you. This aid would absolutely not be possible without you. We continuously thank you for your contributions in past years and 2019. The House of Hope is absolutely stunning, we are grateful your generosity and openheartedness.

Here are our contributing members to the 2019 House of Hope:

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