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The Landmark Homes Smart Home Technology Standards

The Landmark Homes Smart Home Technology Standards

Posted: August 19 2019

Landmark Homes Leads the Industry with the Highest Standards in Smart Home Technology. Offering Security & Savings, Convenience & Control. Totally Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Orchestrate Every Element Of Your Smart Home–Wirelessly, Remotely & Vocally.

The digital era is upon us, and we’re making everything as user friendly as possible. Smart Homes aren’t just for millennials–they’re for everyone. We have prioritized convenience; Landmark Homes includes features to enhance your life and simplify every day. Smart homes make the inevitable morning rush run smoother & locking down before going to sleep less of a chore. You can program lights, set your thermostat, lock & unlock your doors, and view your front entry all from your smart phone. A Smart Home is for someone who values home surveillance and security. It’s those who appreciate efficiency and savings. Smart homes are part of the Green Movement, so we can all be part of a greater cause.

Voice Automation, Control Every Element in Your Home Handsfree.

The core of simplicity. Voice commands are compatible with every Smart Home feature we include. We include provide you with Google Home Assistant, though Amazon Alexa is also compatible with all our smart tech. This gives you the ability to control every aspect of your home though voice commands, and your smart phone. Enjoy the ability to layer technology, and the flexibility to utilize a completely universal smart home system.

Smart Wireless Light Switches, Everywhere. Room by Room.

What can they do for you? First, this system is made up of just two components that communicate over radio frequency, they’re completely wire free. The visible component is the light switch, which can be mounted anywhere, or not mounted at all. For the décor lovers, traditional switches no longer determine where you hang your artwork. Second, these switches are programable–you can set personalized combinations for simplicity & functionality. For example, if you’re the last one to leave the house, you can program a master switch to shut all your lights off at once. We also offer customizable options to build smart outlets! This gives you the ability to turn your straightening iron off from your desk at work (phew)! You can even program a setting just for exterior illumination at night time. And last, but not least–you’re helping us reduce our environmental footprint by conserving building materials and costs associated with everything done the traditional way.

Keyless Entry. Stay Connected & Secure.

Designed handsfree, remotely and automatically geofenced. Plus, you can create customizable pins for family members, or even the babysitter. Control locks from bed, the beach or handsfree. Our smart home locks are all controllable through your smart phone, voice control and lock automatically after 30 seconds. You can program your living habits and rest assured knowing your home is secure, all the time. Receive notifications if there's unusual activity, and capture the action on your security camera.

24/7 Surveillance, Seamless Communication with Whoever is at Your Door.

Your own security guard/concierge service…(kidding!) However, we have a close second–a smart doorbell camera. View & speak to whoever is at your front door step from anywhere in the world on your smart phone and enjoy 24/7 entry monitoring. This feature increases safety and minimizes theft. Feel confident and certain, knowing your Landmark Smart Home is looking out for you & your family.

Climate, Humidity & Fresh Air Control.

Let’s face it, we live in Alberta. One second it’s sunny, the next second it’s an ice age–our smart thermostat aids & adapts to our weather and your living habits–In conjunction with the smart switches, keyless entry and surveillance, we include a smart thermostat so you can train your home to accommodate the right temperature and humidity for the right time of day. Lower heat when you’re out of the house and adjust to a comfortable temperature when you’re home­. Our Smart Homes can be controlled from your phone, helping you track your energy bill.

The Overhead Garage Door with In-Garage Deliveries & Automatically Geofenced.

Smart, silent and secure. A smart garage door, with secure codes encrypted just for you. Control your garage door from your smart phone or through voice command. This system automatically protects against forced garage door openings. Plus, it's compatible with Key-by-Amazon, this allows you to monitor and control deliveries in real-time and offers delivery access for Amazon Prime Packages.

Not to Worry, Wi-Fi is Covered.

Our goal is to make the Smart Home Intelligence package as simple as possible, which is why all Landmark Homes come with free Wi-Fi for 1 Year. This allows you to communicate with your home automation through Google Home Assistant.

The bigger picture is Landmark Homes wants you to live in a home that works for you, rather the other way around. We want to save you money and time, so you can spend on what’s most important. Landmark Homes includes standard Smart Home features to enhance your life and simplify every day. Become one with your home and stay connected. This is the Landmark Smart Home Standard.

                                                                                                 *Smart Home Packages Effective December 1st, 2019 [Some Exclusions Apply]
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