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Mortgage Approvals Made Easy with Ownest Financial

Mortgage Approvals Made Easy with Ownest Financial

Posted: September 04 2019

Home Buying Made Easy With Ownest Financial!

A mortgage application online in just 30 seconds? Access to over 100 lenders allowing you to shop over 22,000 mortgage products?! Landmark Homes has proudly partnered with Ownest Financial to make mortgage shopping a breeze.

Ownest provides you with convenience, security & privacy–applying for a mortgage has never been so simple! Landmark Homes and Ownest Financial want to get you into your next home with the comfort of a mortgage that is completely tailored to you. We are proud to offer this to our clients, we believe the home buying process should be as easy as possible. Ownest gives you the advantage of shopping only mortgages you qualify for and allows you to choose the product that best suits you. This new mortgage application process pulls the best options available for you, so you can enjoy the advantage and ability to compare the best rates & products efficiently and clearly. Not only do you have hundreds of lenders at your fingertips, you also have the Ownest team on call 24/7. 

Experience the luxury of being able to apply for your mortgage from home, and allow Ownest to & continue serving you even after your approval; they are constantly working for you to improve your financing wherever it’s possible, re-qualifying you for the best available rates and looking out for your best interest to help save you money.

This is a completely new approach to traditional mortgages, it’s fast, straight forward and transparent. Ownest Financial offers a business model that fast tracks approvals and allows you to apply to several of banks with just one application. Apply online today, and find which lenders will finance your dream home in less than a minute. This is the new way to finance, your new Landmark Home is closer than you think.