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Healthier Homes

Healthier Homes

Posted: November 01 2019

Why are Landmark Homes healthier to live in? It all begins at ACQBuilt, a climate controlled indoor State of the Art building facility allows Landmark Homes to build down to the millimetre in a moisture free environment. Zero precipitation automatically prevents any potential growth of mold and mildew behind walls. Moisture can rot elements of your home, and even though you can’t see behind the dry wall, you inhale the unhealthy airborne particles! We avoid this completely through our innovative building method. Not only does Landmark Homes ensure your home is not exposed to outdoor elements, we also include high-performance, energy efficient systems that save you money and improve indoor air quality even further.

In order to benefit from an airtight home, you need proper air ventilation and filtration, so you and your home can breathe! We deliver a tight building envelope, that prevents air leakage (saving you money), and provide energy efficient systems that circulate fresher, cleaner air into your home! With a high performance ventilation system, we eliminate trapping stale air into your home that can cause unhealthy breathing conditions. We include 2 standard systems that promote healthy air and resolve this matter entirely.

The first system is called an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator), it takes fresh air from the outdoors and feeds it to a second system, the Hi-Velocity Heating Fan Coil System. The Hi Velocity System acts as your furnace, only far more advanced. Both of these systems work together, providing you and your family with cleaner air, consuming less energy in comparison to a regular forced air furnace.

The Hi-Velocity System is designed differently, and filters air to a higher standard compared to a traditional furnace. This results in air that is free of unwanted moisture, pollution, dust and allergens. It provides an even temperature throughout your home, at all times. It dehumidifies or humidifies the air, depending on the season, and reduces conditions that promote mold and mildew growth through extracting moisture from the air.

Comfortable breathing air is essential to you, and your homes health. With 30% less moisture, and the elimination of airborne pollution, dust and allergens, comes improved health. Medical conditions such as asthma, and other common health related issues are lessened. The lungs in a Landmark Home bring both long, and short-term health benefits to you and your family. We mean it when we say we build a healthier home for the absolute best value.

Live and breathe cleaner, healthier air in an energy efficient, high-performance Landmark Home.