Festival of Trees 2019

Festival of Trees 2019

Posted: November 26 2019

Annual Festival of Trees Fundraiser | 2019

Helping others is a mission Landmark Homes has made a priority for over 40 years. The University Hospital Foundation has a place in our hearts, and as we near the end of another year, a new cause is supported.

For decades, Landmark Homes has made contributions towards different practices, to support technology, education, research & development, as well as enabling the Foundation to purchase new equipment as needed. Giving back to the community has become fundamental and rewarding in our practices.

This year, is in support of funding the first Osseointegration procedures available to the public health care system in Western Canada. In the past, this procedure was only available in Australia, and costly.

The funds will allow the University Hospital Foundation to treat and attach prosthetic limbs to patients who have suffered in the past. This is the most advanced procedure of its kind, a complex treatment that directly attaches prosthetics to the bone.

To date, the Festival of Trees has raised $20, 000, 000.00 over 35 years. Landmark Homes has contributed over $5, 000, 000.00. This sponsorship has become a successful tradition providing support to the public health care system in areas that are in the most need. We thank everyone who attends and supports this event each year. Collectively, our goal is to better future generations, through giving back & raising funds for healthcare, building sustainable homes & reducing fossil fuels released into our atmosphere.

We invite you, family & friends to attend the Festival of Trees, and celebrate the holiday season for a great cause.

Events run from November 28th - December 1st, 2019


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