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Did You Know All Our Lighting Is Smart?!

Did You Know All Our Lighting Is Smart?!

Posted: May 14 2021

Did you know all our lighting is smart?!

That’s right! You can control your lighting, room by room, from anywhere with your smart phone. Embrace your lighting routine in a Landmark Home. Every light in our homes is smart, wireless, and not wifi-dependant! A totally wireless home means you can set timers, personalize zones from sunrise to sunset based on your lighting habits for peace of mind, savings and ultimately comfort.

Totally Customizable

Wall switches are movable, assignable, and configurable from your mobile device without technical programming. Change what any switch operates at any time. You can even program a setting just for exterior illumination at nighttime! Additionally, if your décor or furnishings change, you can easily remove the cover plate, screws and install the switch at your desired location for ease of function.

Wireless, without wifi!

This wireless method is not dependant on Wi-Fi, yet 100 percent smart–allowing you to control and zone every light in your home, both indoor and outdoor without boundaries. Our lighting is made up of just two components that communicate over low frequency radio waves, completely wire free. The visible component is the light switch, which can be mounted anywhere, or not mounted at all. For the décor lovers, traditional switches no longer determine where you hang your artwork.

Savings for Financial Comfort

Never leave lights on in the house again! If you’re the last one to leave the house, you can program a master switch to shut all your lights off at once. Smart lighting allows you to monitor energy consumption and enjoy savings throughout your home to reduce power usage and lower monthly bills.

Security & Peace of Mind

Add an extra layer of security and simply program pathways for an entry when it’s dark outside. You can even apply vacation and away mode when you’re out of town or get home late. Want to see the garage lights and exterior lights go on from the safety of your car? Ask us about the portable switch that includes a visor clip to attach the portable switch to your visor. Portable switches work at up to 250 feet!

Better for you, and the planet!

You’re helping us reduce our environmental footprint by conserving building materials and costs associated with everything done the traditional way. Using wireless lighting is eco-friendly and reduces the manufacturing of natural resources such as copper, plastic, and steel. This is the most sustainable, and innovative approach to residential lighting. On average each Landmark Home saves 600 ft of copper wire.

*Specifications vary between product lines, visit our show homes for all the details.

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