Say Hello To Clean Green Energy For Every Home!

Say Hello To Clean Green Energy For Every Home!

Posted: August 13 2021

Have you heard of Solarmax Power?

Solarmax Power is a Division of Landmark Homes and a local energy provider, offering competitive electricity and natural gas rates for new energy efficient homes! Solarmax Power specializes in energy for solar homes and green power for homes that don't have solar panels!

At Landmark Homes, we believe it’s important for our company and industry to minimize, and someday eliminate, our impacts on the earth and its resources so future generations can share the same beautiful environment we enjoy today. That’s why we believe in energy efficient homes and green power for everyone. Whether you have solar panels, a NetZero home, or a standard Landmark Home–you can save monthly with Solarmax Power!

The average home can go 100% green for less than $10 per month (33 cents per day) (average home using 600kWh). Plus, Solarmax offers a low, discounted rate to customers who choose to offset their electricity consumption with Green Power! Click here, try the green energy calculator! So far this year, Solarmax Solar PV micro-generator's have exported 156,092 kWh of solar energy on to the Alberta grid. What does that mean? Well it's equivalent to the following!

  • 83 tonnes of Green House Gas equivalencies
  • Equal to avoiding 334,519 km driven by an average car
  • Equal to carbon sequestered by planting 1,368 trees

Let’s Talk Rates & Perks!

  • Green Rate 7.8cents/kWh plus minimum 50% green 1 year or 3 years with Deposit
  • Bundle Power and Gas for 1 year $0 Gas admin fee ($5.15*12)
  • Fixed Rate 7.8 cents/kWh 1 year or 3 years with deposit
  • 1 year Fixed Gas 5.8 $/GJ

Solar Club

Do you have solar panels?! Receive special electricity rates designed for solar PV micro-generators in Alberta. The high export rate allows PV owners to optimize micro-generation credits, earning more solar revenue per year and even reducing the simple payback of their investment. Yay!

Maintenance Free Plans

Less maintenance is best! Solarmax offers maintenance free plans with automatic payments through automatic debit or credit payments.

Low Admin Fees 

Low admin fees so that you pay for the energy you use and save when you make efforts to improve energy efficiency. Small efficiency measures in your household are valuable, but they can be hard to notice on your energy bill when you are charged high fixed admin fees.

Flexible Plans

Things change and life happens! You will never be charged an early termination fee; any deposits that we collect will be paid back in full, plus you earn 3% interest on prudential deposits.

Green Electricity 

Add green energy to any  electricity rate for just 1.66¢/kWh or $10 per month (based on a monthly consumption of 600kWh and 100% green electricity).

Bundle & Save

Sign up for a bundled electricity and natural gas and Solarmax will pay your natural gas admin fee for your first year. Combined low admin fee and bundle discount we provide the most competitive energy plan. Speak to your Landmark Homes Sales Specialist for an energy cost comparison.

Psssst! If you’re a new Landmark Homeowner, you get a special discounted rate on electricity and natural gas! Just use referral code 20010 and start saving!


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