Landmark Homes & The University Hospital Foundation Presents The Festival of Trees

Landmark Homes & The University Hospital Foundation Presents The Festival of Trees

Posted: November 17 2023

The 2023 Festival of Trees
Since 1993, Landmark Homes supported the Festival of Trees Charity Event for the University Hospital Foundation. The festival serves as the organization’s flagship fundraiser, providing invaluable support for patient care and research at the University of Alberta Hospital. To date, the foundation has raised over $23 million, and the philanthropic generosity facilitates breakthrough discoveries, courageous solutions improving the lives of many. The Festival of Trees fundraiser has worked a s catalyst for medical research and ongoing change on a global scale.

The Foundation supports high priority healthcare needs, including cardiac care at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. Funding has advanced specialized cardiac programs for pediatric and adult heart patients, paves the way for more groundbreaking discoveries and extends the life of more donor organs.

Brain care with the purchase of Canada’s very first Stroke Ambulance, and incision-free brain surgery. Funding has restored memory in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, put a stop to multiple sclerosis and building a new state-of-the-art neurosciences intensive care unit.

Trauma and emergency care, supporting the purchase of advanced equipment for trauma surgical teams, maintain ongoing research projects that are key to improving trauma care, and help on educating the public on how to avoid trauma.

Gastroenterology at Kaye Edmonton Clinic, funding improves screening so devastating cancers can be detected faster, advance more discoveries from the vast world of the gut biome and improve conditions for patients living with liver disease.

Kidney care at the University of Alberta Hospital, funding makes the transition out of the hospital a reality for hundreds of in-centre dialysis patients, supports research that’s seeking to make dialysis more personalized and caring, advance efforts to make screening for kidney disease faster and more accurate.

Finally, research and innovation at the University of Alberta Hospital, funding is currently going towards restoring the minds of people with Alzheimer’s disease, give people with the most severe spinal cord injuries the chance to walk again, and unravel the role the gut biome plays in health issues ranging from obesity to depression.

Landmark Homes believes that true success is the ability to give back, and empower the local community to make an impactful, lasting change. We continue to invest back into core values and beliefs that we have structured our company around. The mission renews each year, as we strive to strengthen and restore the community, and provide essentials to those in need.


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